The Latest Social Networks. 5 Reasons They Will Affect Commercial Real Estate. Really!

The Latest Social Networks. 5 Reasons They Will Affect Commercial Real Estate. Really!

Is it just for the kids?

You may have seen or heard them mentioned somewhere on the TV in the news or online.

The new social networks or Apps that are popular (you assume) with the younger crowd.

You don’t pay much attention and (you assume) no one in your “peer” group does either.

Here are 5 that has the attention of most of the (except your) world.

1. Secret.

Secret offers a platform for users to share their feelings and thoughts anonymously.


2. Shots.

Shots is a mobile social network through which you can snap and share selfies. You can reply to any given Shot, and also send private messages.

3. Snapchat.

Snapchat is a popular mobile platform that allows you to share photos and videos with others. You can set a time limit for how long your viewers can see your snaps before they disappear.


4. Yo.

Yo is a popular mobile platform that allows user reciprocation by sending a single word, Yo.


5. Whisper.

Whisper is a social media platform that allows people to anonymously share secrets. Whisper allows you to send direct messages and ask others for advice, or just chat.


Do you use any of the above?

Would you admit it if you did?

Why should you pay any attention at all?

Let me help.

1. Consumers are a huge part of any social network’s user base. Not everyone has something to share, and not everyone feels comfortable sharing, but almost everyone can enjoy voyeurism on the Internet. Admit it.

2. Context. Simply defined context online is the ability to connect two people. Sometimes with a meaning and sometimes without. That all depends. If your client or boss calls you at 10 a.m you pick up and lean back in your chair ready to help. If they call at 10 p.m. and you pick up your phone off of the bedside table. What is one of your first thoughts? How’s that for context.

3. Real Life. Think about the interactions and experiences of these platforms. They try to mimic a real life conversation. They illicit emotions and secrets that we all foster in real life. This is not Facebook or LinkedIn. This is a picture a thought or emotion you only want one person to see if just for a brief moment. Why? You tell me why. NSF(Work)  NSF(Wife)  NSF(Mom)  NSF(Boss)

4. The line between our physical lives and the lives we lead in our minds, with our thumbs, on a touchscreen, is rapidly fading.

5. Not everyone can or wants to be a user or content creator. Those that do are at risk or are they?

What if they can “influence” your deal anonymously?

What if they can “secretly” affect your listing/deal/building owner/client/boss.

What if they help influence the emotions involved?

Emotions aren’t important are they?

What if they can influence the way the numbers are “analyzed?”

No one would ever think about creating a platform like that for #CRE would they?

Sounds Ridiculous!

The Latest Social Networks. 5 Reasons They Will Affect Commercial Real Estate. Really!



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