The Evolution of REX. Prototypes, Seed Rounds, and Beta.

The Evolution of REX. Prototypes, Seed Rounds, and Beta.

The Evolution of REX. Prototypes, Seed Rounds, and Beta.

If there’s one thing that most real estate players can agree on, it’s that the industry tends to move at a snail’s pace when adopting new technologies —particularly the commercial side. At Rex, we believe the real estate industry is ready for something big, and we’re setting out to change the way real estate information is disseminated. We’re pioneering the space —using advanced blockchain and data distribution protocols to democratize real estate information via the first global, decentralized multiple listing service.

Whether you’re familiar with terms like Ethereum and IPFS protocols or not, trust us —this is big. Imagine a global MLS where listing your properties is virtually free, where there’s a global standard for property information, and where access to information is unrestricted.

We’re making strides, and we’re excited to share them with you. Here’s what you need to know:

#1. Our Prototype Testing Was Successful

Rex is one, if not the first, real estate application in the world to implement blockchain (Ethereum) and data distribution (IPFS) protocols and test them successfully. We’ve received excellent feedback from both the blockchain community and the real estate community. While it can be difficult for real estate players to understand the true real-life application, most agree that a global MLS and decentralized transaction process is an unrealized need. The common response is that “the transaction process is broke; it’s expensive and inefficient.”

#2. Our Seed Round Recently Closed

Our Rex team recently had the opportunity to attend DevCon 2 at the International Blockchain Week in Shanghai. We met with members of the Ethereum community to discuss key topics as they relate to the future of the ecosystem. While there, we were fortunate enough to speak with several seed investors who contributions will accelerate development and provide key partnerships for global expansion.

We are excited to announce we closed our seed round mid-October, and the capital will facilitate development, grow marketing, and provide essential resources for team expansion.

#3. Our Beta Version is Just Months Away

Lastly, our beta is less than nine months away! We’re working hard behind the scenes to get our beta up and running and look forward to valuable feedback from the blockchain and real estate communities.

Keep Watching

Want to learn more about Rex? For some of the more technical details, be sure to check out our white paper, and feature on BTC Manager entitled Rex: Decentralizing and Disrupting Real Estate Listing Services.  You can also request a demo via our website, or follow our blog for important updates and launch dates.

The Evolution of REX. Prototypes, Seed Rounds, and Beta.

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