The Duke Long 2019 Top 25 Under The Radar #CRE #TECH Companies You Must Watch!

Well, another upcoming year of what is the ever-changing world of #CRE and #TECH.

What’s hot, what’s not, and what just faded away? Maybe look at last years list and make that assessment for yourself.

As we stagger into 2019 I have created the 2nd version of my Top 25 Under The Radar Companies You Must Watch.

What are the criteria you ask? Hell if I know and it’s my list.

Just let me say this. Some way somehow these companies and the people behind them have in some way managed to get and keep my undivided attention.

That alone is reason enough for you to scroll and click on each one to find out why.

You may be familiar with some and may have never heard or seen some of the others.

I chose a simple format with just a link to click because I want you to explore and discover for yourself why they made the list.

They want you to find them.

Reach out, inquire, do a demo, hell, maybe even purchase something, they all have a product that they have put their heart and soul into.

One thing is for sure, there will be at least one company that will just blow your mind.

Enjoy and you’re welcome.

1.Refine RE  We Fuel Smarter Corporate Real Estate Decisions For Companies That Don’t Do Real Estate. 


2.Cherre  Democratizing Real Estate Data.


3.Harbor  The Future Of Private Investing.


4.VU.CITY  The Largest, Most Accurate Fully Interactive Digital City Models.


5.DealPath  Built For Real Estate Investors. Engineered For Performance.


6.Gyana  Location-based Insights For Physical Businesses And Real Assets.


7.PointGuard  Building Analytics with Real Empowerment, Real Performance, Real Profits.


8.Assetti  One Application That Gives You Insight Into Your Property Asset Portfolio And Rent Roll.  Personalized AI Notifications That Boost Your Operational Excellence.


10.Disruptive Technologies  Smart, Wireless Mini-sensors Designed for Digital Transformation.


11.Structionsite  Automated Site Capture. Effortlessly Track Installed Work.


12.PillarTech  Connected Construction. Build More Intelligently.


13.LeasePilot  Take The Faster Path From LOI To Close.


14.Waypoint  Maximize The Performance Of Your Real Estate Assets, Operations And Teams.


15.Infabode  The Home Of Real Estate Information.   Real Estate Investment Meets Artificial Intelligence.


17. Lyric   Creative Suites For The Modern Traveler.  ROI-Driven Real-Time Occupancy Analytics For Office Spaces.   Create Places People Love.


20.Biproxi    More Listings. More Transactions. One Intelligent Platform.


21.Enertiv  Transforms Building Data Into Asset Value.


22.One Spot  Manage Real-time Property Repairs And Asset Management By Location, Bids, Expenses, And Contractors.  Capital Markets Dealflow Platform.


24.Measurabl  Precision Software Built To Help Collect, Report, And Act Upon Non-financial Data.


25.Acasa  Live Better, Together. Bills, People, And Payments.


There you have it. 25 cutting-edge #CRE #Tech Companies…no longer under the radar!

Duke Long

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