The Duke Long 2018 Top 25 Under The Radar #CRE #TECH Companies You Must Watch!

And why not? Hell Duke, just give all your secrets away.

Show the world all those ass-kicking up and coming world-changing companies that for some reason seem to fly under the radar.

You may be familiar with some and may have never heard or seen some of the others. That’s the reason for “The List.”

Pay attention, click, dig deeper, connect with, ask questions, send an email or do an intro, and hell, maybe even purchase one of the products.

I chose a simple format with just a link to click because I want you to explore and discover for yourself why they made the list.

One thing is for sure, there will be at least one company that will just blow your mind.

Enjoy and you’re welcome.


1. Space Jam Data. Consumer Insights For Retail Real Estate.

2. District. Enjoy work/life balance with District: connect with events, services, and the community around you.

3. The Bee Token. The Future of Home Sharing.

4. AI Powered Automated Underwriting Platform for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Lenders.

5. ProDeal360. Ultra-secure cloud-based collaboration platform for commercial real estate transactions. 

6. Propify. BlockChain Property Marketing.

7. Geophy. AI-driven valuation for Real Estate.

8. (RE)Meter. The Strongest Analytics Engine In Commercial Real Estate.

9. Alant. The World’s Real Estate Blockchain Platform.

10. Tenant Tracker. Drastically Simplify Tenant Coordination For Your Commercial Real Estate Projects.

11. Datscha. A new way to view investment transactions data.

12. Appear Here. Rent Space, Launch An Idea.

13. GeoCV. Virtual Open House Produced by 3D-Enabled Smartphones.

14. Evareium. Tokenizing and Digitalizing Real Estate Investment via BlockChain.

15. Rentlyitics. Better data. Faster reporting. Higher NOI. Optimise your multi-family portfolio. 

16. Change. Change the way you bank, invest, pay and live. A mobile wallet and a financial marketplace.

17. MotionLoft. Real-time vehicle and pedestrian data. Made Simple.

18. Realisto. Global real estate investing made easy.

19. Piinpoint. The powerful, yet affordable site selection platform that helps discover, compare and validate locations for growth.

20. Genea. Tenant Billing Software for After Hours HVAC and Submeters.

21.  Cryptocurrency Arbitrage, Market Making and Prediction Trading.

22. LATokens.  Asset Tokenization and Trading Platform.

23. Ravti. Be the best at HVAC. Know where your buildings stack up and empower more intelligence for your team.

24. Enodo. Automated Underwriting. Calculate market rent, identify comparables, and predict operating expenses. 

25. Spacequant. Automation, Data and AI in Real Estate.


There you have it. 25 cutting-edge #CRE #Tech Companies, no longer under the radar.





  • Interesting list Duke. I understand what most of the AI and CRM companies are trying to achieve, but the cryptocurrency companies in CRE still have me a little puzzled. Are they trying to act like a REIT, but more accessible for smaller investors? It’s hard for me to see a property owner want to sell an equity share in their property to a group of anonymous owners. Can you help explain to me what the angle is? I’m probably missing something key here.

    • You are not missing a thing. They are going to have to own the property to make it work to this point unless the owner is so desperate for $$$ or cryptocurrency in this case that they want to finance their property that way. Between you and I, there is nothing new in the model at all, just another way of getting $$$ from grandma to fund a scheme. Unless there is another play which goes back to your point, it’s just another way to do a REIT!