The Deal. The Chill.

The Deal. The Chill.

They were sitting in her office huddled together. It had been a long heated conversation. They had come to a simple conclusion. Everyone was going to get burned.

” What if he doesn’t help us?”

” Why would that selfish bastard help us. He had to know what would happen to all of us.”

” Listen you two we have been thru this. We need a plan.”

” I thought you already tried to talk to him and he just got up and left without saying a word.”

” I need to get him to come forward. He needs to realise that it’s in everyone’s best interest.”

” What are you going to do go to him again and get the same thing?”

” No this time I will get his attention. He will not have a choice.”

As she watched her walk into the bar she could see why he was willing to not give a shit what anyone said about them. She was stunning elegant looked hungry and ready.

” Hello, how are you?”

” How very american of you to ask. Do you really care how I am and why would you ask a question like that?”

She didn’t expect it to be this nasty but why not try to at least be civil.” You’re right that is a silly american thing we do. Please sit.”

If someone had noticed them in the bar they would not be wrong to assume they were sisters. They were strikingly similar in some ways but very different in others.

” Well, thank you so much for agreeing to meet with me.”

” I only agreed because you mentioned the potential of civil or criminal fraud. That’s a very serious accusation. You want something from me. What is it?”

So much for the civil necessities. ” I need you to get him to come forward and help all of us and the firm.”

” I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. We never talk about his work. I am not interested in his work. I am appalled that you would think I have any knowledge of what he does. Do you really think he would tell me anything? Are you implying that I may have been involved or know anything whatsoever about what he does?”

” He is not communicating with us at all. I need to get his attention and make him see that I am here to help him if he will let me.”

” So, you call me with accusations get me to meet you and try to pump me for information like I am his whore. Did you call his wife? Did you call his kids and ask them if they know what daddy’s doing when he is not home?”

She had hoped to get at least some information from her but the meeting had served her purpose. It pissed her off and maybe she would talk to him and he would realise it was going to touch everyone .

They were quiet in back of the car. He could tell she was thinking . She was never usually this quiet. ” Did you like the Lamb and Paella?”

” Yes, it was very good”

” Very good? Coming from you? Very good?”

She kept staring out the window and he didn’t push. As he shut the door to her apartment she turned to him.

” Tell me you are not doing anything illegal that would get you in trouble.”

He walked over to the counter and fixed a drink. ” Let me tell you this. I have never and will never do anything to get myself in trouble. This conversation is over. I will leave if you want me to.”

” No darling. I just needed to hear it from you.”

” So, now you have heard it.”

He walked a few blocks just to clear his head. It was late he needed to sleep and the booze was wearing off. He had told her that they needed a break. She was reluctant and asked if she had upset him with the question. He could see it in her eyes. The doubt. The possibility.

He closed the door behind him and he saw a faint light in the sitting room. He laid his keys down and walked quietly into the light. She looked up and he could tell she had been crying. ” Is there something I should know?”

She had been sitting there for more than an hour looking at her phone. Waiting wondering and wanting it to ring. She knew it wasn’t going to happen. He never returned her messages unless she mentioned the children. ” You never return my messages.”

”  Is that why are you upset?”

” I left a message for your mother and she returned my call.”

” And.”

” She is dying. It’s breast cancer.”

” Breast cancer. She has never said one word to me about this ever. What did she say?”

” She got diagnosed several months ago and has started treatments but the prognosis is not good.”

” Why didn’t she call me? Did she ask us to come down and see her.”

” No, she asked me not to tell the children yet and said she would call you in a day or two.”

” What. That makes no sense. The children need to know and why is she hiding this.”

” I think only she can answer that. Who knows how anyone would react to that kind of news. She is your mother.”

He went to the bar and fixed a drink.  She held up her glass  for a refill. They sat quietly not saying a word.

His phone beeped and he picked it up. Yes, tomorrow would be an interesting day.



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