The Deal. Just Politics?

The Deal. Just Politics?

The police detective sat back in his chair and looked to the lawyer. ” While I am here do you mind if I ask a couple of questions?”

” As long as it is in reference to this mornings events.”

” What else would there be? So you boys had already made a deal with the Feds?”

” Yes we have.”

” Is there any reason to believe your client has done anything illegal?”

” No reason at all. We were presented with information about the fraudulent activities and went straight to them.”

” Why the Feds?”

” This thing reaches far beyond a local jurisdiction.”

” Want to elaborate?”

” This may touch political players at the state level and maybe the national level.”

” So this is going national?”

” We think so but it is verified at the state level at least.”

” You have names and documentation?”

” Yes we do.”

” How long have you known?”

” We had knowledge of the players from the beginning. We did not know that they were committing fraud.”

” So a deal was put together to get this project done and then the parties decided to get paid.”

The CEO was still standing at the end of the table. ” We know that every deal we put together has a political element. It’s part of how we do business.”

The detective turned and asked the CEO ” So are you admitting that you are using funds to get political favor?”

” No I am not admitting that. That’s not what I said. We make political contributions like any other business. Again it’s part of what we do.”

The detective turned back and asked the lawyer “do you want to tell me how you got to her and how she was involved?”

The lawyer turned to his client and with a nod he stood up and walked to the window.

” It started with a simple phone call from a close friend.”

” Is this a colleague or business contact?” The detective knew he was going to be careful with his words so he tried to keep it simple.

” It’s a close friend of the property management company.”

” How did this friend decide that you needed this information?”

” She knew I was involved in the deal from the beginning and thought it may be important.”

” Your uh friend has a personal stake in this deal or just you?”

” Just me.”

” So she is not part of this at all? She wanted to protect you?”

” That’s one way of putting it.”

” So you get this information from your friend and then what did you do?”

” I walked right into my lawyer’s office.”

” I knew who they players were and that if I did not get my information to the Feds it was going to be my name that got hit by the shit storm.”

” So were does my girl fit in?”

” Let me ask you something. She came to you with information that only I knew. How do you think she got that information?”

” I did not know how much she knew. She came to me and implicated you and wanted us to go after you.”

” Why didn’t you come and get me then?”

” We didn’t have enough. Plus we knew there was so much more. We had a name of a politician at the state level and we started looking into him. We thought you might be part of it. So we asked her to get more from you.”

” She tried. I knew she was dirty before then. I had a source. I knew when she came after me she didn’t know how much I had.”

” So you had her from day one?”

” Yes and it came from what I am guessing is the political opposition of the guy you are looking at.”

” Do you think he is dirty?”

” The politician? No doubt but he won’t admit it until the paperwork is public.”

” You have that paperwork?”

” Yes we do and we would be willing to disclose all that we have after we get some assurances.” His lawyer was now earning his fee.

” Are you worried?”

” No not at all but we do expect the police to do their job.”

” Do the Feds already have this information?”

” Yes they do and they have assured us that we are not part of the criminal investigation.” His lawyer gave him a nod as if  the time had come to conclude the meeting.

” Detective is there anything else?”

” I’m sure we will need to be in touch. I will have my supervisors get with the Feds.” They exchanged business cards shook hands and the detective left.

” I think that went well. I told you full disclosure was the only way to go.” His lawyer started to stand up

” You were right. No matter who I tried to protect they were going to get hit at some time.”

The CEO was still at the end of the table. ” We are going to take a PR hit on this thing”

” I am not sure how we could avoid it. The political part of this thing will make it big news and probably overshadow our part of it. At least we may get credit for exposing it.”

” Agreed. I do appreciate you coming to me from the start. I have a question. How did you know she was taking money?”

” Simple greed. She went to the politician and asked for more. As I understand it she was on some kind of retainer and that was supposed to get her in more deals. He didn’t like it and asked someone to come to me and see if I would get involved. As soon as I heard what was going on I had a friend dig up the files on one of our deals. Once I had the names the property management people gave me the numbers.”

” So to her this was just a way to get more deals.”

” Maybe in her mind but she didn’t tell me or you about the arrangement. She may have not know about who was getting money in the LLC. She must have thought her guy was going to protect her.”

” Why was she after you?”

” She had to have thought that I was dirty. She needed me to keep it quite. When I would not talk to her she tried to cover her ass by implicating me and hoping that an investigation would prove that I was dirty. She had started to get real personal. She started threatening me and my position in the firm. I think she saw this as an opportunity to get rid of me.”

” So another question. Who tipped you off in the first place?

” Our long time friend and super sports dad. He may not like me that much but he did not want his son’s name anywhere near this.”

” The politician went to him?”

” Yes and he gave me a call.”

All three men were walking down the hallway. Every eye in the office was watching. They stopped in front of the CEO’s office smiled and shook hands. As the elevator doors closed his lawyer turned. “So do you have plans for the rest of the day?”

He look at his phone and smiled “yes I do as a matter of fact.”

He looked at his messages. He pulled up the response from his wife ” dinner out tonight with the kids is a Yes!”





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