The Deal. It’s On.

The Deal. It’s On.

“You told him that the firm can and will do deals without him?” They were sitting in the coffee shop at a back table.

” Yes and I meant it. We have one of the best firms in the city and we all have worked so hard. I’m not going to stand by and watch it get hammered to death.”

They had met for coffee occasionally just to chat. It was mostly about work but as girls get to know each other little things start to come out.

” This is the first time I remember you ever saying anything like that to him.”

” It was not my intention to publicly go after him but it just came out that way.”

” So you met with him after work. How did that go?”

” Not well. He thinks he is under attack and let me know that my career is over.”

” He said that?”

” Yes and he let me know that he helped build the firm and pick the people.”

As she listened she thought back to when they first met. She had just finished school and because of her internship with the firm got an interview for a position. We she walked into her office for the first time she knew immediately that they would work well together. They both had been brought up with strong working professional parents. They both had worked their way thru school and excelled. They were both attracted to commercial real estate because of the deals the professionalism and the money and they both were going to make it to the top by doing the right things and by helping each other. They chatted about shoes showed each other pictures of relatives and always complimented each other when they did a great job. She was thrilled that she had become somewhat of a junior to her and made sure she knew her professional thoughts and guidance were appreciated.

” Do you think he will go to management and try to make that happen?”

” I know he already has.”

As they walked back thru the bitter cold to the office they agreed that they needed to chat some more later in the week. She hung up her coat and walked down the hall.

” So super sport how is it going today?”

” Really, nice so what’s up with you this morning.?”

” I just got back from a getting some coffee.”

” You didn’t bring me any?”

” No I did not but you were right. It is on.”

” So what did she say?”

” Well in not so many words he said he was going to end her career.”

They had hit it off right from the start. He had asked her to drinks after work the first week he got there. He was funny. He asked her about her family and said he had heard nice things about her. She listened to his stories about all of the places he had traveled and some of the outrageous things he had done. He made her laugh. She never knew what was going to come out of his mouth.  She could tell even then he would always have her back.

” So the romance is over.”

” Romance. I don’t think there has ever been any kind of romance.”

” Really she told you that?”

” We don’t talk about those kind of things hardly at all.”

” You can’t tell me the master of the universe has not ever made a move at her.”

” Whatever may or may not have happened she has never said a word to me about it.”

” I thought you girls were tight?”

” We are tight. At least I think we are and she is too smart to let that kind of talk get out.”

” So are you going to side with your girl or stay away from the fray and not get hit.”

” This is not about sides. We need to think about the firm and its future. Not just who we like or don’t like.”

” So are you going to sit and have coffee with him?”

” He barely acts like I am alive. I don’t even think he knows what I do here. So probably not.”

” Fair enough. I think I might keep my ears open. You never know what you can learn.”

He knew that everybody thought his father helped get him his job. In fact that was exactly what his father did and he did not have any problem with it. It’s how the world works. He and his dad kept in touch often and he knew his father talked with the firms management people occasionally. He was always careful what he said even if it was his dad besides his dad probably knew more about what was going on than he did. He looked at his screen and hit refresh on his email and there was a message asking him to drop by and meet with the master of the universe himself.

” Hey, thanks for stopping by super sport.”

” No problem I just got your message. What can I help you with?”

” Sit down for a minute and let’s chat.”

He walked over to the couch and sat. He could not remember when he was last in his office. He never really felt comfortable and he also thought it was on purpose.

” I had a nice long conversation with your father yesterday.”

” My dad? Why talk to my dad?”

” Don’t worry me and your father have been friends for years and have been known to tip one back.”

His dad rarely drank. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw him with a glass in his hand.

” We caught up on some old friends and talked about some of the things going on in the business. Nothing too serious. I did call him to let him know a little bit about what was going on here and I did it because it may affect you.”

” What are you talking about?”

” Come on super sport you were there and saw it all.”

” You mean the meeting the other day about 229 West?”

” Yes that one. I am going to make sure that kind of thing does not happen again.”

” So how does that affect me? I see that as an issue between you and her.”

” Super sport your father and I have been around a long time and have seen just about everything. I did it as a courtesy. I wanted him to hear it from me. Your his kid and he got you in here with my blessing I might add.”

” What did he say?”

” Go ahead and give him a call. Just let me say this. I know you and your little girl friend are tight. I also know she will do anything for miss role model. You both better think about your long-term futures at this firm.”

” I have always felt I have had a long-term role within this firm and I work very hard to maintain that .”

” Good for you super sport. I just wanted you to know where I stand.”

” Ok sure I appreciate that.” He sat quietly for a minute. Awkwardly he stood up and went to the door. He turned and nodded in recognition. He walked down the hall around two corners and stuck his head in. ” Wow.”

” Wow what?”

” I just left his office.”

” He wanted to see you?”

” He called my dad.”

” Your dad. What for?”

” So I could feel like a fucking ten-year old for starters.”

” What did he say?”

” Basically he said if you and I don’t stay away from and at the same time support him we are both fucked.”

” He said that? Wow.”

” Yea like I said. Wow.”

” We need to think about this.”

” Yea we can think about it but you know what I think.”

” What?”

” Now it’s fucking on.”




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