The Deal. In Captivity.

The Deal. In Captivity.

She was stunning. They all were. They always had been. She had an eastern european face and legs that some thought were skinny. He watched as she glanced into the window of the restaurant. He was sitting near the back. She stopped at the hostess stand and with a turn of her head she saw him and smiled.

” It’s not very busy in here yet.”

” No but it will be.” He noticed the waitress and reached for the menus she had left. ” I think we need some time and a refill.”

” So what is good here I have never been?”

” Someone at the office mentioned the Cavatappi Pomodoro.”

” Oh it has artichoke. That may be my choice. What are you going to have the filet as usual?”

The waitress appeared and she did indeed order the Cavatappi Pomodoro and he surprised her by ordering the Double Cut Pork Chop stuffed with fennel and then another drink.

He watched her survey the room. Her hands were pale white and her fingers slim and fine. Her nails were clear and just sharp enough. Her hair was very dark but not black and had a subtle auburn tint to it. He liked that he always had. In his eyes she looked lean elegant and almost defiant. They had met of course at one of the many conferences he always had the chance to attend. She was there representing the interests of a some foreign REIT he could not remember.There were introductions smiles waves glances and then after dinner drinks. She had let him know that she was not going to sleep with him and be just another piece of ass he couldn’t remember. He had told her he didn’t do things like that and he was married and he was sorry if he came on too strong.

” You look distracted.”

” Not really just winding down from a busy day.” He remembered that first night. She had stopped at two drinks and had mentioned that she wanted to go to her room early and rest. He said that he may go on and meet a couple of colleagues at another bar. He remembered her hesitating and looking straight into his eyes and asking him if he wanted to have a drink in her room.

” Are we going out after dinner? I have some friends that want to meet up later.”

” It’s possible. I may have to meet some people from work so let’s wait and see.”

She wanted to be out with him. She wanted to be out with him everyday. He made her feel confident. He made her feel sexy. He made her feel like no one else was in the room. She thought they were amazing together. He would take her to parties dinners shows and he would take her to bed like no other man ever had.

Dinner was finishing up and he was signing the tab. ” Is there someplace special you want to go?”

” Not really just some place nice where we can sit and have some drinks and talk.”

” Are your friends showing?”

” I will message them and see.” She hoped they would. She loved to show him off.

Getting out of the car she purposely waited for him and held onto his arm as they entered the bar. It seemed narrow and long. They walked towards the back. She threw a quick wave and a smile and two other ladies rushed to greet her with hugs and air kisses. He noticed two other men starting to stand up and shake his hand. They sat on chocolate couches and placed their drinks on a slim glass table.The ladies were huddled together sitting upright and close together. The men lounged back and sipped their drinks.

” We have met before.”

” Yes we have at an economic summit meeting for the region.”

” Yes I remember. You were on a panel for tech and infrastructure development.”

” Yes that’s right. Glad you remember.”

He remembered all right. This guy was maybe fifteen or twenty years younger than him and came off as a pompous ass who told everybody that the tech sector would save us all if we just pumped billions into job training and green buildings. ” So how is that initiative coming along?”

” Pretty well. We have had some major wins and it looks like a positive trend.” Not that you would really care. Yes they had met before but this guys rep was world-wide and growing now that he was with his wifes good friend.

” And you?” He looked over to the other man who sat quietly.

” I just do some IT stuff and a little coding for fun.”

It got quiet again. One of the ladies noticed and turned. ” So how are we doing?”

” Good fine the drinks are nice and I was a bit mesmerised by the fireplace.” She looked like a crane he thought.

” So I think my husband mentioned to me that he had met you before?”

” Yes we did. It was some time ago.”

” So I am familiar with some of the people at your firm. I am involved in property management.”

” Really. I usually stay in the sales side and let everyone else take care of their business. Do you talk with our people often?”

” Quite a bit actually. Our firms have several projects we work on together.”

” Well I hope all is well. If you ever need anything give me a call.”

She smiled just as the other ladies joined in on the conversation. They talked about work jobs food drinks and families. It was getting late and someone mentioned paying a sitter. Standing on the sidewalk they said their goodbyes. As he walked to the other side of the black car she let the driver get the door and waved at her friends and said ” I will call you tomorrow for a lunch date later this week.” Her friends turned and started walking up the street as the car drove off.

” What a fucking animal.”

” What do you mean he seemed nice?”

” If you mean eating your children nice then yes he is nice.”

” She absolutely adores him.”

” So does his wife I assume. So what does she say about that?”

” She doesn’t bring that up.”

” Well why bring up something as mundane as a wife and two kids when your are just getting fucked.”

” You don’t know what’s going on.”

” Really let me think. She’s at least twenty years younger single fucking gorgeous and as I have heard flexible with her time.”

” You need to see her side of it. How do you know about his family anyway?”

” Christ everybody knows this guy. Every deal he does gets press. How hard is it to find out something about somebody today anyway? You should know more about him. Your companies do a lot of business together.”

” Yes and I mentioned that and he didn’t seem to care.”

” Does that bother you? Your just a little cubicle slave to this guy.

” Well I am certainly more than that. I am amazed he didn’t know more about what we do.”

” It’s obvious he has more interesting things to focus on right now. What about our girl? Does she see it? Does she care?”

” I’m not sure he says anything to her about his work. Why would he?”

” They have got to talk sometime don’t they?” He glanced over at his friend. They both gave each other a look that said why in the hell would you talk.

” There have been a lot of things that have come up recently with the properties that they have under contract that make me want to take a closer look.”

” Why just because he didn’t ask you about the kids grades and shoe size?”

” No, It’s more than that. I’m worried.”

” I think you’re looking at this way too hard.”

” Maybe so. I need to look out for our company.”

” Did you want to come out tonight just to meet him?”

” No not really. I came out to be with friends and support her”

” The animal just happened to be there too?”

” Maybe just.”



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