The Deal. Going Up?

The Deal. Going Up?

He eased the car into the spot. He had received the message in the morning and agreed to meet her for lunch. She did not want to meet at his office and for some reason had picked a place way across town from his office. He stood at the front of the restaurant. It was an Italian place he had never heard of.

She had noticed him right away. He was big not fat but full and medium height. He wore dark soft soled shoes and a black leather jacket that seemed too small. He had on blue dress pants a khaki colored shirt and dark blue tie. She guessed him to be in his late forties. He smiled wide as he approached the table and she stood to meet him. “Hello, thank you for meeting me.”

” No problem. I had to look this place up. I had never heard of it.”

” This is one of my little hidden gems that I hope nobody finds out about.”

” Keeping secrets are we? What’s good here?”

” I’m having the Fettuccine al coniglio.”

” That’s rabbit right?”

” Yes, with roasted cherry tomato.”

Checking the menu ” I think I will stick with Spaghetti. Let’s see if they know what they are doing.”

” Big fan of Italian food I take it?”

” You could say that. I know my way around a stove.”

” Self taught?”

” Oh no both my mom and dad are great cooks. The kitchen was their personal canvas.”

” Cooking as art?”

” Without a doubt.” He smiled wide again. He couldn’t help but look at her. She was beautiful. He could tell she was all business. ” So I got your message.” They had both ordered. He noticed she had passed on the wine.

” I received a message from my lawyer stating that he had made contact and tried to set up a meeting but was unable to because the fraudulent party was not in town.”

” So, people go out-of-town.”

” Yes, but he did not say where he was or when he was coming back. His lawyer said he would contact us when he got back.”

” Do you think this is some kind of strategy?”

” He is not communicating. He is not even in the state he will not meet with us or even let us know when or if ever he will meet. Yes, I call that a strategy.”

” What are you going to do about it?”

” Is there something you can do about it?”

” What would that be? Track him find him and get him to come back. How?”

” I see your point.”

” There has to be something else. Why am I here?”

” I need some reassurance.”

” Of what? You came to us with some information. We told you what you needed to do.”

” I am trying. Do we have a time frame on this?”

” I am not sure we need a time frame but I can guarantee you that we have been digging and this thing may take on a life of its own.”

” Is there something I should know?”

” Whatever we are working on it is not for public consumption. If I were you I would get him to talk sooner rather than later.”

She liked him. He was not like the other authorities that she had encountered. He seemed to be on her side. They finished lunch and he had complimented her on finding her little hidden gem. He asked her to stay in touch and he also wanted her to come by his office. It was not something she wanted to do. Just the thought made her shudder.

They were at the same coffee house as before sitting in the back. It was the next morning early. ” I need your help.” She had asked her to meet but did not want to meet at the office. She knew she could count on her. She had been her mentor from day one.

” What do you need?”

” I need you to get me some information. I need you to meet with the property management company and see what the have.”

” Ok, sure but why not just meet with them yourself?”

” I know you have formed a close relationship with them and I thought it would make it seem like we are just doing a professional follow-up.”

” That is what we are doing right.”

” Yes, just that.”

” So why did they contact you in the first place?”

” I have always been there go to person. When they have had question or needed to get to someone in our firm I let them know I was the one to call.”

” Is their something specific you are looking for?”

She knew this was coming and she had to trust her. ” What I am going to say needs to stay here and between us. This started back when we did a big deal on a multi-use residential complex about a year ago.”

” Are you talking about the one with the government incentives and TIF money?”

” Yes the big one that took up the whole block.”

” I remember. That one was complicated and fell through more than once.”

” We did end up making it work but it took a lot of people and a lot of resources.”

” How come the property management company is involved in this?”

” Simple they are the ones handling the money. They were on board from the start.”

” So they contacted you a year later?”

” Yes because they think that someone is getting money from the deal and had this set up before the deal was done.”

”  You mean government money or rent money or what?”

” I am not sure yet but I think it’s as simple as someone creating a dummy LLC and getting checks.”

” Who set up the LLC and who’s getting the money?”

” I am trying to find out.”

” Do you think he was involved. Do you think he is getting money?”

” I think he knows it all and is not coming forward.”

” Is that why he has been so upset with you? I thought it was because of the 229 West deal.”

” That was just part of an ongoing pattern of bad behavior. He is drunk most of the time. He does not prepare properly. He does not even try to communicate and he spends more time with his mistress than he does at home.”

” Mistress you know he has a mistress?”

” Yes I met her and she is pretty good friends with the people at the property management company.”

” So you think that may be a tie in with this LLC?”

” I have no idea but when I met her I confronted her and she wouldn’t even acknowledge that they even talked about work.”

” Do I need to move on this now?”

” Yes the sooner the better.”

They finished their coffee and headed into the office. She made a point of waiting until the next elevator opened. When she stepped in she looked up and stopped. There he was black full length coat dark grey scarf pulled tight around his neck and those eyes staring right at her.



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