The Deal. Full Knowledge.

The Deal. Full Knowledge.

His trip to Florida was short. He had taken care of business. He had arrived back late and had gone into the office early to do some follow-up on a couple of deals he was involved in. He pushed the button for the elevator and rode it down to the main lobby. As the doors opened he saw her but she did not see him. Their eyes met and he hesitated then stepped out into the lobby without a word. He knew from the look on her face she was shocked to see him. He didn’t want to talk to her then. He didn’t need to talk to her yet.

She entered her office and immediately sent a message to her lawyer letting him know that she had seen him at the office and that he was back in town. Maybe now they could get him to come forward. She scrolled thru her messages and saw one from the police detective that she had lunch with. He wanted to set a time to meet again. She ignored it.

He sat in the same conference room as before dark wood books and his lawyer across from him. “They called again and want to meet.”

” Yes, I figured that. I saw her in the elevator this morning. She knew I was back.”

” How did that go?”

” It didn’t go. So let’s meet with them tomorrow at nine here in your office.”

” Why now? You have been avoiding them.”

” This thing needs to end. Let’s see what she’s got.

” Fair enough. You feel pretty strong about your position?”

” As strong as ever.”

” I will set it up and see you tomorrow at nine.”

” Tomorrow then.”

She looked at her email. It was from her lawyer. They had agreed to meet at his lawyer’s office tomorrow at nine. She was a little upset. She would have preferred her lawyer’s office but it was at least a start. She thought about emailing the detective and letting him know about the meeting but she wanted to wait and see exactly what they got out of him before that.

He walked into the restaurant and she waved to get his attention. He had not seen her in four or five days. They had talked once when he was in Florida but it was short. ” How are you doing? How’s your mother?”

” I’m fine and my mom is not well.”

” You only mentioned that you were visiting her but not why.”

” It’s cancer and she is not well at all.”

” I’m so sorry. I had no idea. Can I help you in any way?”

” No, I have it handled. My mother and I are just my mother and me. We will handle this our way.”

” I’m so sorry.”

They sat and ordered drinks. He wasn’t that hungry so they shared a plate and then left for her apartment.

She glanced at her phone and read the message from her niece that reminded her that tonight was the date of the performance. She smiled. The car was stuck in traffic that for some reason was heavy this early morning. She planned on dropping in at the office and then heading out to her morning meeting. She was sitting in her office when she heard a knock. “Yes, come in please. So how did it go with the property management company?”

” They were very helpful but a reluctant to give me documented details.”

” What did they give you?”

” They gave me the names addresses and some general ideas of amounts and that was all they were willing to do.”

” Do you have it with you?”

She pulled open a folder and they both looked. “There is nothing here that tells us he is involved. There are no names that I recognise.”

As they both stood there looking thru the information she couldn’t help but notice how calm she was. Why was this information not helping? Is this not what she had sent her to get? She looked up at her and smiled. “I hope this helps? Is this what you wanted”

” This is very helpful. Thank you so much. I need to get ready for a meeting this morning. Thanks again.”

She turned and walked out wondering what just happened.

The car pulled up and she could see that her lawyer was waiting for her in the lobby.

” Did you get the info you wanted?”

” Yes this morning. It was not that helpful but it gave me a general idea of what is going on.”

” Are you ready?”

” Yes. I have sat across the table from some of the best. I’m not worried.”

The elevator opened and they walked to the receptionist desk. She led them into the conference room. He was already there dark gray suit white shirt light gray tie and brown shoes. He reached for his coffee cup and his lawyer welcomed them and offered coffee.

They sat with both lawyers facing each other and she staring right into those eyes. He did not blink. She knew it was something he did and did on purpose. Her lawyer spoke first.

” Thank you for meeting us this morning. We do appreciated your time.”

” Not a problem. How can we help you this morning? You seem to have an urgent need to sit face to face.”

” Yes. we think we have some serious information that may adversely effect both parties and we need to find out what legal issues that may put in front of us all.”

” We don’t understand what legal issues you are talking about. Help us.”

” It has come to our attention that there may be money being funneled to fraudulent companies from a deal both parties were involved in.”

” So how does that affect us.”

” We are here to find out what your client may know about this or what your clients involvement may be.”

” My client has full knowledge of the matter.”

” Full knowledge?”

” Yes, full knowledge.”

” Would your client care to elaborate?”

” No, he would not.”

They all sat quietly. Her lawyer leaned in to her ear “let’s step outside for a minute.”

“We need a minute to talk.”

” There is a room next door. Please take your time.”

He closed the door behind her.

She turned and crossed her arms ” we need to go to the police and get them to investigate further.” She was calm and it unnerved her lawyer.

” Yes, I agree but is there more that you want to ask? You and I went thru several questions beforehand and we may gain more insight.”

” He is not going to say a word. He just told us he knows everything. Now he wants us to prove he did anything.”

” He must be pretty confident that the police will find nothing or he simply did not do anything wrong.”

” He had to know from day one. He just admitted it.”

” I will thank them for their time.”

She walked back into the conference room. He sat forward in his chair. She picked up her purse and started to turn when he stood “I hope your niece has a great performance tonight.”





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