The Deal. Clarity?

The Deal. Clarity.

He had on the pinstripe the one with a hint of red, white shirt simple cuff links and black shoes that looked like glass. It was early and quiet in the office. He had wanted to meet out but that was not possible. He walked into the conference room and sat. He was surrounded by steel and reflections from every window. The balcony was small but you could see the river and the never-ending ribbon of cars and pavement.

” I appreciate you taking a few minutes this morning.”

” Always available for you. How can I help you?”

” I have been getting some unnecessary feed back on a couple of deals within my team.”

” Yes I heard. She has an opinion and has solid backing within the firm. Is there something specific you want to address?”

They had known each other since school. They had taken similar paths in the business . One major difference was the ability to manage people and work the political parts of the business. It was not his strength no matter how much he wanted it to be. He was a deal maker. He knew how to hunt and kill. It was who he was. He knew it’s what made him have value.

” I would not say anything specific but it’s something I need to have taken care of.”

” Are you asking me to specifically?”

” No I am here to let you be aware of the situation.”

” I am aware and have been aware of the situation. When have I not been behind you on most any situation?”

He was looking for more. Now he realised it was not going to happen. There was a reason he was sitting in front of the CEO and not going to get what he wanted. He should have taken care of himself and not let it get this far. She had plenty of support. The CEO was not going to take her out.

” I have helped build this firm from the ground up. I thought that might mean something.”

” Yes you have and it does mean something. You are an important part of this firm but today is today. Are we done here? Is there anything else?”

” No, thanks for coming in this morning.”

” No problem great to talk with you. By the way how is that daughter of yours basketball game?”

” She is amazing. You should see her shoot.”

” She sure as hell got it from her old man.” With a quick wink he was out the door.

As he stood up to leave he looked out at the river for a moment. Now it was going to be him or her. He had laid it down and somehow she had built up enough support to hold him off. Nobody had ever put him in this situation.

They sat across from each other in a booth. It was lunchtime and they both had drinks in front of them.

” Why come to me now? I am not sure what you are asking for?”

He had left the meeting with the CEO and sent a message.

” It’s not something I would call urgent but I want you to help me clarify something.”

They had done a few deals together over the years and hit it off. They both had the same enduring qualities that all big hitters had.

” Clarify. That means you want me to find out something to fuck someone or keep you from getting fucked.”

” As you so eloquently put it yes that’s what I want you to do.”

” What the fuck is this about. Can’t you get a lawyer or somebody to help you out?”

” It’s not like that.”

” That means it’s dirty. Who in the fuck do you think I am?”

” Hey ease the fuck up a minute. How many deals have brought you in on? How many calls have I made for you? How many times have I covered your ass.”

” Wow, holy shit. Who the fuck has got your attention? Somebody has got your dick. This is interesting. So tell me what you want.”

” I need you to go back and look at a deal. The one we did thru my firm.”

” The big one with the multi and resi mix?”

” Yea that one. I need to see some numbers again.”

” Can’t you get all that shit from your people?”

” If I ask or access that info somebody is going to wonder why.”

” That was a pretty straight forward deal. Everybody got good on that one. What in the hell are you looking for?”

” I’m not looking for anything I just want to see the numbers and documentation.”

” Ok, well sure I can get that to you. How do you want me to send it.”

” Send it to my private email and I will take a look.”

” Ok sure. Hey when are we going to go to a basketball game it’s been a while?”

” Yea we need to go I will call you. Send me that stuff as soon as you can.”

They stood finished their third drinks and headed out into the cold.

She was sitting at her desk going thru her messages catching up and making a few quick notes. One seemed simple enough. It was from a property management company the had worked with on several projects. She was ready to head out the door and put it in her calendar to make sure and call back tomorrow.


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Duke Long

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