The Cube Farm or Where Skyscraper Souls Go To Die.

The Cube farm or Where Skyscraper Souls Go To Die.

Office Hell.

It’s been lamented in books movies cartoons videos and just about anywhere else anyone will listen. The Cube Farm. No one wants to be there .No one wants to work there. No one wants to admit they will die there.

The Reality of The Modern Work Life.

Most are interns straight out of school.

Not allowed to eat at desks.

Work til at least 11 p.m. or be labeled a slacker.

Get escorted by security just to go to bathroom.

Smile. The video camera just above never sleeps.

The Gattaca like scanning just to enter and leave the building.

No 401k,bonuses or raises.

One whole week of vacation.

50-60-80k in student debt. Which leaves what options?

Mom and Dad paid for the masters degree and they get paid to be a glorified secretary in a carpeted booth. They are so proud.

Getting Back at the “MAN”

Sleeping in the bathroom.

Writing blog posts.


Surfing Facebook and Pinning.

Reading E-books.

Paying Bills.

YouTube. Thank God for YouTube.

Borderline Insanity?

Thinking outside the box. When you sit in a box within a box.

14 power cords and one outlet.

Prison cells are bigger have beds and come with “friends”.

Thinking that IT does not know what the incognito browser button really does.

Taking pictures of shoes and voting for the best really is a sport.

Facebook chatting is not flirting…as far as you know. Yes it counts as actual human interaction.

Shopping online specifically to decorate your cube. Like it really is your personal space.

That warm and fuzzy feeling on the way home knowing you helped rich and powerful corporations get more rich and more powerful.

Just a little fun for all the people who wake up drive in sit down and give away their souls.

Robert Probst inventor of the cubicle before his death called it “monolithic insanity”. That pretty much says it all!

Duke Long