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David Eisenberg Founder/CEO Floored

Company Founded. 2012

Company Headquarters. New York, New York


Company employees approximately 40-50.

Introducing Floored.


Why David and why this year?

First off he’s brilliant (could be the Harvard thing).

Funny responsive (emails me back in 5 minutes from Hong Kong).

Tall not unattractive (Married). Out kicked his coverage.

Visionary (first time we talked he had me at data and platform).

Influential in a way that makes every other CEO listen and pay attention to what he has to say because it will make their companies better.

And if it’s possible you could say he is under the radar and way-way too underrated as one the true leaders of #CRETech.

Put’s his money on the table in a big way as the founder of Red Swan Ventures investing in Warby Parker, Coinbase, Birchbox, Hightower, Matterport, Building Robotics and Oscar just to name a few.

Inspiring advising and helping me create my VC firm.

Prediction from me. In five years what companies in #CRETech will still be around and thriving?

Simple answer. The one with David Eisenberg as CEO.

THE 2015 #CRE #TECH CEO OF THE YEAR IS? David Eisenberg!


+1 David……… Shhhhhh


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  • Great article, Duke! I’m going to look into this … cutting edge stuff!