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andrew florence pic

Andrew Florance  Founder/CEO CoStar Group.

Company Founded. 1987

Company Headquarters. Washington DC.


Company employees approximately 2500


Revenue. US 440.9 million(2013) Reuteurs 1

Market Cap. 5.41B WSJ

Key acquisitions:

Loopnet $860 million 2012 $585 million 2014

Co-Star dominates #CRE #TECH like no other company.

Think about the companies that they are competing against.

Who are they?


Who is even close?

Look at those numbers above.

Click on the stock symbol and do some research.

That is staggering performance.

Name the top 5 or top 10 companies that think they are trying to compete with Costar.

Combine them all. What do you get?


Sorry, was that a bit too harsh?

The truth is what it is.

It’s 2014 and the #CRE #TECH CEO OF THE YEAR IS?

Andrew Florence CEO/ Founder CoStarGroup.


+1 and I don’t see anyone taking the crown anytime soon.













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  • BruceREFM

    Totally confused by this post, Duke. Aren’t dozens of other posts by you thinly-veiled (or not veiled at all) diatribes about Costar’s business practices?

    Did someone hack your blog?

    • Duke Long

      Name me a #CRE #TECH CEO who is better?

      • BruceREFM

        It’s impossible to know as most companies are private and their financials and return on shareholder equity aren’t available to view (if that is the intended basis for the ranking). Anyway, just thought it was odd and unexpected change of perspective on your part. Maybe I misinterpreted some of your other posts.

        • spotCRE

          Duke remain true to one’s principles we think. If we read his blog today it’s all correct and we understand his sarcasm also. It’s just a question of semantics.

          • BruceREFM

            Fair enough, clearly I needed some more coffee before making my initial comment. Happy Holidays to all!

  • Gary

    Looks like working at costar is not much fun…

  • Ish Bugs

    awesome article..
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