Testing My Assumptions.

Testing My Assumptions.

I know I am always right?

One of the fantastic things about being involved in a start-up like 42Floors is the day-to-day reality is that There Are No Rules.

There are no defined set of guidelines that I am made to adhere to.

Having stated that I now realize that I am going to be tested here in the next few months. How?

By testing my assumptions and learning that whatever I think about a “tool” or “product” may not always be right.

I am after all the almighty CRE Tech Master am I not?

People from all over the world send me their products and ask me to test opine and post up for all the world to see.

Time To Get Schooled.

I was asked ( OK, I kind of begged) to get involved in the development of some of the tools that 42Floors is developing for commercial real estate.

I have seen some of what has already be developed and it’s without question amazing.

I of course assumed that whatever I would be working on I would bring my CRE broker tech savant tech knowledge to the table.

Well, not so fast my friends.  Time for Duke to get schooled.

The Process.

So I am not going to go into the office check the lunch menu (quinoa) sit in a meeting and start reeling off what I think brokers or potential users will want. Earth shattering I know but there it is in black and white.

We do however have a process that we will follow…..mostly.

Let me give you a few (secret but not all) hints.

Early Adopters.


Non-Traditional Business Models.

Product Market Fit.

Getting Out of the Building.



Value Chain.


This is how it really works.

This may seem pretty basic to some of my more tech advanced friends.

My broker buddies probably may not even care.

They just want a tool that helps them save time money and do more deals.

I could not agree more.

They think they know what they want.

I think they know what they want.

Neither of us may really have a clue.

We both know we need better tools.

I am willing to test my assumptions…to find the right tools for all of us.

Thoughts opinions comments and feedback are always appreciated.

Duke Long


  • So School us, tell us what we need to know, what tools to use, you know we want to make money as quickly as possible and we hate having to wait to be paid by a landlord that has other fish to fry. So cut to the chase and tell us what you, know we need to know.