• As a long time former CoStar guy I agree with very much of what you say here. Brokerage used to trade on the lack of market transparency. Now the sheer amount of data makes many companies hunger for someone who can tell them the relevant data. A great deal-maker is the one who can tell their client what it all means.
    One thing that separates brokers, banks, appraisers, developers and all the other players is a common yardstick of what the data all means. (Some would argue this lack of a common language was a source of real estate downturn. People got away with crazy kinds of valuation because of lack of market transparency.)
    It commonly goes unsaid, but I think there are plenty of parties today who still fight market transparency.

    That being said, accurate unbiased data costs money to produce. So if I would pick a bone with anything you’re saying, you should pay for the data you don’t already have. When the market shifts under your feet and years of personal investment in data on a submarket or a particular deal type dries up, then people see the value in paying for third party data.
    Keep it up, I’m enjoying following you posts.

  • George,
    Your comments and opinions are appreciated!