Tech Companies Are Booming And Fueling Your Commercial Real Estate Market. BUT!

Tech Companies Are Booming And Fueling Your Commercial Real Estate Market. BUT!

You See The Headlines.

Boston Strong: What’s Driving Wage and Job Growth in the Nation’s Original Tech Hub.

NYC Tech Growth Outpacing Silicon Valley [Infographic] | Built In NYC

Bay Area Can’t Keep Up With Job, Income Growth In Silicon Valley.

Chicago’s tech job growth near the top of U.S. cities.

Austin Ranks Number 1 in Cities With Most Tech Job Growth.

And according to CBRE there are quite a few more cities doing quite well. (Even my hometown INDY made the list.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.52.46 PM


Nothing but positives. Job growth and “the right kind of jobs” being created all over the country.

Yea for us and the awesome #CRE Market.

Tech growth or the sector that is tech is by all accounts driving the economy and the #CRE Market.

I’m not sure what the actual numbers are BUT it would be an easy assumption that there are quite a few brokerages and brokers makeing one hell of a lot of money in these markets.

Yea for them. Yea for “the business.”

The growth of these markets and the companies that fuel them are targeting many legacy industries.

Healthcare, Insurance, Finance, Banking, Energy, Law and Transportation just to name just a few.

Just Google Startups and Law and what do you get? Legal Startups – AngelList If you take a quick look there are 1,185 companies.

Google Transportation Startups and what do you get? Transportation Startups – AngelList 1,190 companies listed.

Just for fun let’s do Commercial Real Estate and Startups. Commercial Real Estate Startups – AngelList 1,016 companies listed.


Every major industry in the world is now and will be even more affected by…….Startups and the software products they are providing.

Wait, hold on. Every major industry accept commercial real estate.

It’s a given. We are different.

Our system and the way we are structured cannot and will not change.

It works.

It works now so why screw it up?

Now, by all means, the other major industries in the world will change.

They need to change to make the world, in general, a better place.

Just look at healthcare. There has got to be better ways of caring for the human race. $12 for an aspirin? Ridiculous!

Transportation. Where is my driverless car? Come on hurry up. Take me from Chicago to Indy while I “sleep” and then arrive safe and sound.

How about energy? Give me my solar panels and battery pack for my house. Let me help save the planet!

Think about the children! What kind of world are we going to leave them?

Doing our part.

Think of the deals.

Think of the companies and the people they employ.

Think about the economic impact that you are helping create.

Tell me you haven’t driven your kids by that new deal you put together and say ” look what I helped create.”

And why not. It’s what we do.

It’s how we contribute.

All of those diverse and amazing companies going out and taking on the world.

And you just doing your part.

Except one small thing


You have no issues whatsoever helping these companies tear down and completely reconstruct any and all industries.

Any and all industries except YOUR INDUSTRY.

The Commercial Real Estate Industry.

You have a mobile phone and a database of past and potential clients. That’s all you need.

What’s the point of technology for commercial real estate anyway?

Your right there is no point.

Don’t you feel just a bit conflicted?

No, not at all?

Doing deals and cashing checks. It’s what you do.

It’s obvious that everyone else certainly, needs to change.


And I applaud you for that or maybe not.

That attitude towards the world in general takes some BALLS.

Arrogant doing it just for you BALLS.

Fuck the rest of the world as long as you are making bank!

Fuck the commercial real estate business.

Let it fucking change as much as it wants just as long as it doesn’t fuck with you.

Again Big Balls. (If this is too gender specific for you then insert your preferred feminist friendly phrase.)

Why feel conflicted at all?

Tech Companies Are Booming And Fueling Your Commercial Real Estate Market. BUT!

You could give a flying fuck about your industry.

I hear it and see it every day.

When was the last time somebody looked you right in the face and called you out?

Again just remember.

Tech Companies Are Booming And Fueling Your Commercial Real Estate Market.






















Duke Long

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  • Duke,
    Ever-revolutionary, testicularly-legendary. This piece goes straight to the historians, scholars, whoever it is compiling the forthcoming PBS series “The CRE Revolution: The F****** Establishment is Long-Overturned.” Or maybe just gets a few hits and is forgotten. No matter, really. I know you’ll keep issuing the only soul-wrenching, self-appraisal-provoking insight in the entire CRE universe, if not beyond.