• I have to say, resources like Regus & Premier Business Centers are great when you need to conduct a meeting in a different city. The cost is high though. The co-working environments I have visited just feel better. Better vibe, same amenities, people to chat with and you don’t have to feel like you’re borrowing a cube for a day. It’s just better energy than a cube or the home office (where I work from most every day). I love the idea and whenever I need business center amenities I will usually check out the different co-working spaces just for fun. And lets be honest, where do some of these hotels get off asking for $15 for wifi and $10 to send a fax. For $25 I can use a co-working space for the day.

  • mike m

    Duke, out F’n standing. That 9 minute vid. was packed with so many good idea’s that trigger new business marketing thoughts. For me anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Mike THX!