Someone Already Has So You Must Stop.

Someone Already Has So You Must Stop.

A long and wonderful week.

I have had a little time to detox after my trip to RECon13 in Las Vegas last week.

A special thanks to @MrsSarahMalcolm and @jesseTronPR  you are the best.

So much to say and so little I can tell but hey that’s Las Vegas.

The conversations.

The simple beauty of ICSC RECon is that it gets people face to face in a room to make a deal.

What is also fascinating is the conversations that happen away from the conference at the “networking” functions.

Case in point.

I literally was asked at every function about technology. Specifically about commercial real estate and technology.

Where are we? What’s next? Who are the players? Why are there not more technology companies here? Where is the VC money going?

And on and on and on. Those are the simple questions with easy answers. More to the point.

What questions should we be asking?

Part of writing is reading. Lots and lots of reading. Because of this I reference all types of technology.

I have recently become an Apple “fanboy” partly because Jason Freedman @42floors was too embarrassed to see me with anything but a MacBook and “gave” me one. Thanks Jason!

Ah yes the almighty Apple and their powerful and mysterious ways.

This of course led me to dig and do a little more research on the apps that now became available to me. What they do. How they function and how some of them are developed and why.

Interesting to me though was the way Apple allows or actually does not allow developers to create apps.

Simply put they want apps developed that will function in the ………….future!

Not developed for the now. Not developed to add-on. Not developed for the next year.

Let’s see a technology company only thinking of the future. Radicals!

Here is our big problem…sort of!

Only a precious few companies and people in commercial real estate look to the future.

Most of us look at the shiny and new toy that everyone is using and jump right at it (QR Codes still?) only to waste precious time effort and money.

Most of us still use the tried and true traditional (excel spreadsheet) because it generally seems to work.

Most of us look at potential tools (I-pad) as a techy toy for the kids.

So what are the smart companies and people doing?

1. Mobile:

Mobile everything. It is now and will be the future of commercial real estate. Don’t think so? RETIRE!

What does the client/consumer experience when they look at you or your company in a mobile environment?

If you don’t even know what that is or should be you are in deep trouble. I say again RETIRE!

2. Search:

Did I mention mobile somewhere? It’s the location stupid. Wait it’s the online mobile location.

Don’t understand? Look up your listing or building on your phone. Yes just your phone. Oh shit!

No wonder you can’t fill that space up. How do you make this better? Can it be any worse?

3. Data Sharing.

Jones Lang LaSalle created IntelliCommand Center .

They get building data directly from the building itself.

They analyze the data for the customer and that data helps them manage the building for the customer.

They then give the data back to the customer.

It’s called the share economy. Guess what you do? You Don”t Share…Do You? Do you? Do You?

4. Connection.

I saw the signs all over ICSC RECon 13. Follow us. Friend us. Link up to us and yes even Tweet us.

Now we are not talking about a fringe few. It was everybody.

Something that I have noticed is that it’s getting more…professional. No not corporate…professional.

We all need customer and clients. They are all online. All online. All online. All online.

Someone has already.

Someone in commercial real estate has already looked into the future

Someone in commercial real estate has already decided not to be defined by the past.

Someone in commercial real estate has already created the environment necessary.

Someone in commercial real estate has already……..and you have not…So You Must Stop!

Comments opinions and points of view are always appreciated.

Duke Long