So, You Want To Pitch Me? Here Are 8 Easy Tips.

So, You Want To Pitch Me? Here Are 8 Easy Tips.

The Real #CRE World Today.

We are connected.

It’s a given.

A quick look at my email and phone calls from yesterday that I paid attention to.

Chicago, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, New York, Indy, Arizona, Atlanta, etc.

That does not count Twitter LinkedIn or any other “online” thing I am connected to.

You get the point.

We are connected. ( The latest phrase I keep hearing myself say constantly ” there is a huge ecosystem in #CRE that did not exist before.”)

With that connection comes with it some sort of responsibility.

I think it’s a responsibility to push it (#CRE) forward.

Forward in a positive way.

I have been and am continually asked to write content, moderate panels, do presentations tweet this and “endorse” that. And for that I am grateful.

I get pitched. ALL THE TIME.

As #CRE online offline and in the ambiguous cloud progresses I want to help push it forward by offering a little help.

You have a new product.

You have a great new site.

You want the world to know you just got enough funding to take a workcation in South Africa.

You have this amazing idea that will change #CRE forever and KILL CoStar.

Ok, fantastic. I get it. You want to tell the world.

You have read something AMAZING on my site.:) and think “hey this guy is my muse, I must reach out to him.”

“He get’s it. He’s the man, the all-knowing all-seeing.”

Before you pick up the phone or click the send button let me help.

Here are a few hints.

1. Be Friendly.

Ok, don’t be friendly.

You would not begin to imagine the SHIT I have to read and listen to.

Do you have so much pent-up angst that you feel venting on or at me helps?

Oh, and when I don’t respond with ” that’s the most amazing thing I have ever heard or seen in my life” you think I am the biggest DICK on the planet and send me an email questioning my “professionalism” and “real influence.”

2. Lead with what your product is.

In the first 30 seconds. Do it.

Yes, I know the professional pleasantries are necessary but…….!

I want to know what you have.

3. Tell me how it works or what it is.

Give me a real world example. Here I will give you one.

A broker walks thru a building with his mobile phone. He is showing the property live and in real-time to a potential tenant and interacting with the building owner at the same time.

Now that gets my attention.

BTW that product is called Realync. Coming to #CRE soonish. Probably.

4. Give me a user or why story.

If you are pitching me that must mean you want people to do what?

Use/pay attention to/buy/read/cuddle?


Who are they?

Think of ten potential customers/users/clients/humans.

If you don’t have any idea who that is then….you are in trouble.

How about:

The broker we have targeted will use our product because he sees technology as a necessary tool but needs additional analytics for mid market deals. He will want to use our products to automate the transaction experience and use transparency as a way of communication.

( I totally just made that up.)

I just got goosebumps.

6. The more humor drama, and details the better. 

7. DO NOT go into detail about your TECHNOLOGY.

It doesn’t matter.


If you think technology or your understanding of it is your EDGE.

You are TOAST.

So, give me the basics and then go to the Hacker News comment section to soothe your brain.

8. WOW ME.

I haven’t seen it all but……..

I have seen most of it all.

Make me say WOW.

If you do so will your potential clients/users/customers/future in-laws.

Start with at least 5 potential WOWs.

Work it down to 2 and then ride those HARD.

Make those 2 WOWs  their own story.


If you are not vested enough to see what your thing is going to do for #CRE to scorch the earth in the next 2-3-5-7 years……..otherwise.

What’s the point?

So, You Want To Pitch Me?

There Are The 8 Easy Tips.

Opinions comments and points of view are always appreciated.




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Duke Long


  • COULD.NOT.AGREE.MORE! …#9 before you ask me to write content for YOUR (not yours Duke, which I would gladly do, but YOURS generically) maybe actually engage with me first?

  • Highly useful. Here’s my upcoming pitch to you: I screen innovations, add precision and a touch of sobriety, retaining passion, and get the now concise message in front of the those who would be most interested. I wish I were around when I needed me for this.