Site Feature:Screampoint 5D Smart Commercial Real Estate?

Screampoint is a Silicon Valley-based technology company, funded by world leading organizations such as Sequoia Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and Hajaj Associates. Founded in 2000 in Silicon Valley, Screampoint has grown over the past decade to be the recognized world leader in visualization and innovative technology solutions to the global real estate industry.

Screampoint provides 5D SMART™ products that bring complex built environment data to life in time and space, empowering today’s government officials, master developers and corporate leaders to better collect, connect and communicate real world data.


Providing an intuitively accessible real-time information dashboard, Screampoint 5D SMART™ products enable users to collect independent data silos across the neighborhoods, cities, institutions, master developments, and corporate campuses they manage.


Screampoint 5D SMART™ models harbor the “digital DNA” of a city or building, connecting and integrating critical information across complex 3D models and databases, and serving as a single repository and reporting source.


Screampoint 5D SMART™ products enable users to visualize in time and space the performance data associated with multiple building assets, empowering executives and leaders to more effectively and efficiently plan, monitor and manage their real world.

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