Site Feature: Digital Commercial Real Estate Future?

Short product description.

Real-time architectural visualization service using the latest game engine.

What makes your product special?

Real-time visualization has been utilized in the past but often lacked realistic qualities. By harnessing the power of the most advanced game engine, breathtaking graphic quality can be achieved in real-time. Advanced features such as global illumination, particles, fluids and high quality vegetation are possible in real-time. What also makes this product special are the interactive features. Users can interact with every aspect of the environment and even change design features in real-time.

Give an example of where your product has been used and how you minimized any potential risks of its use.

The Tripod3D team has created a fully interactive commercial environment as well as a residential loft to showcase the capability of our service. An advantage of real time visualization in the design process of a development is the ability to evaluate design from any angle at early stages and allow better communication between Architects, developers and contractors in order to avoid missing costly mistakes that may occur in a new development. There is no down side to using real time visualization.

How does your product compare to its competition/ previous solutions?

Our service surpasses other real-time visualization tools with quality and interactivity. Compared to traditional animation services, the benefits of our service are immense. Instead of watching a video with limited duration,our service allows clients to virtually walk around and interact with every aspect of their own design in real time, before ground even breaks. Architects can change colors, materials, designs, and even change the environment in real-time.

Game Engine is the core of any real time visualization software on the market. The $ 21 billion growing market of the game industry allowed a leading edge of real time visualization with the use of the latest entertainment effects as background noises, music , specials effects, stereoscopic capability that give a fuller experience to a project. Because it’s an interactive service, it will attract attention faster that any other type of presentation by allowing your clients the chance to roam around at their own pace.

Dominate any presentation?

In our experience this service speaks for itself at any presentation. Our visualizations for client presentations progress from blue print, to building infrastructure, on to detail and material changes all in real time and all by the touch of a button.

Tripod3D stunning visualization for commercial real estate. The Digital Commercial Real Estate Future?

Duke Long