Site Feature: Visualize Your Commercial Real Estate Data.

This may seem to be a little off the commercial real estate track but I assure it is not. This stuff is mind blowing. Please take the time to watch the videos and tutorials. The uses of this software platform for commercial real estate are endless. Disclosure: I do not make a penny from this endorsement…I wish!




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Commercial real estate data and visualization. My nirvana! Thoughts?

Duke Long


  • For as easy as the site makes it looks, it sure doesn’t seem that way. I played around with it for about six months ago and after a f-bombs here and a few there, I finally gave up (this even after having a Tableau expert attempt to help)..

    Now, let it be known that I’m not the Excel hack that I thought I was and the data feed from my MLS is just garbage.

    I do like the fact that it can give the small brokerage community another equalizer by providing great data visualization for consumers.

    We’ve tried a few things with it but just weren’t able to get the visualizations to spit out what we had hoped.

    You’re right though, the possibilities are there if the data is available.

  • This is personal data mining at it’s best, or at least best to date. But, as Jason notes, the learning curve is extreme. And, all of the cutesy, glitzy displays aside, unless you can harness all of the programs energy, you’ll end up with very pretty excel graphs. I don’t see this as a tool for the small entrepreneur because of the price point, but a larger company using this as a promo tool would likely benefit.

    Since you do a great job of presenting us with the latest toys/tools, you might want to take a look at Tabulous.

  • I’ve seen tableau inside larger companies/departments who have resources dedicated to managing RE info. They build some cool stuff. There are also IT consulting companies that specialize in BI for real estate. Check out

    One of the benefits of BI is that it can tie together existing information systems, saving time and money of implementing new systems.

    As Bob said, It might not be the best fit for a small entrepreneurs, but if we have learned any lessons from tech, it is that these solutions will inevitably become easier to use and cheaper.