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After years of working in Commercial and Residential Real Estate, the partners of Think Tech Labs realized there had to be a better way to manage deals and data. Traditional and cookie-cutter software like Top Producer or ACT! just wasn’t doing the job. Brokers and Agents needed a tool that was going to help them close more deals, especially in a down and changing market and economy.

So what did they do? They partnered with the #1 selling CRM platform, to create the best On-Demand, Software-as-a-Service Real Estate application for Real Estate professionals. They have now become one of’s most popular Real Estate application, and they continue to stay committed to their clients by constantly investing in updates in REthink.

In today’s economic market, brokers need to stay ahead of the competition to survive. This means following up with every contact, capturing and managing every piece of information, marketing every listing, providing clients with accurate real-time information, and ultimately, closing more deals.

REthink Commercial Real Estate CRM provides brokers with the tools necessary to manage every component of a real estate transaction, from capturing a lead to completing a project.

With REthink Commercial Real Estate CRM, you can track, manage, and expand on all of your local market knowledge, thus bringing extensive and invaluable information directly to your client.

Their strategy is to provide our clients with management solutions that increase their return on investment, cash flow, and enhance the property’s investment value. This is why real estate brokers, investors, and property managers depend on ReThink to help achieve their performance goals and increase profitability. Take a look at a real world case study from CNL Commercial.

  • Manage your properties, listings and leases with ease
  • Support any property type
  • Maintain complete activity records for each property
  • Calculate commissions and generate reports with the click of a button
  • Track and manage tenants, leases, association owners, charges and payments
  • Give property owners and board members online access
  • Receive maintenance requests and generate work orders
  • Give residents online account access
  • Give online access to your property management team
  • Market and fill vacancies online

Property Types Supported:





Hotel and Resorts

Land Development

Commercial Products and Solutions:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Leads & Contacts


Projects & Timelines

Reports & Dashboards

Calendar & Email Integration

Tenant & Landlord Representation

Properties & Spaces


Offers & Closings

Sales & Lease Comparables


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Duke Long


  • Not feelin the love on this one Duke. Looks like a nicely done relational database. Too much tell, not enough show. The videos, which would explain why I would pay for what looks to be outlook’s business module with a few nifty charts, or any of the other packaged databases out there, are not working, so that doesn’t exactly give me a warm and fuzzy for the company and their projected services. And as with most of these new products coming out these days, they make no mention of price structure, and most often that’s because they either don’t really know what pricepoint works and are groping for some feedback, or they’re playing used car sales and you negotiate against yourself. Let us know when they’re ready for prime time buddy.

  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the feedback! We’re actually powered by the world’s #1 CRM, While we do in fact integrate with Microsoft Outlook, we’re certainly more than an “Outlook business module with a few nifty charts.” With regards to our pricing structure, we clearly mention this on the AppExchange:

    where you can also find feedback from a few of our CRE clients. For $69 per user per month, you receive a Enterprise platform license, a mobile app, and the REthink application.

    Our new site launches this week, which will include pricing, video demos, etc, that will hopefully give you that warm fuzzy feeling you’re looking for when perusing a real estate CRM website.

    Bob, you and I both know the proof is usually in the pudding. Feel free to reach out to us a see for yourself why our clients love REthink Real Estate CRM. Again, thanks for the feedback!

  • The problem with CRM oriented apps for enterprise users at least is that agents don’t want to give up their contact info to the “enterprise.” I’ve seen these types of systems in use – even in situations where agents are employees/not independent contractors (and you couldn’t really require an IC to use the enterprise system anyway….) and they’re full of phony names and garbage info.

    Seems like a good option for individual agents, though. But some agents tell me they don’t like the interface. Don’t know if it’s because it’s too cluttered (it can be…) or they’re just too used to whatever it is they’re using.

  • Vijay, thanks for the response.

    It would be easy to say the my database (Filemaker) is less expensive, but taking into account the upgrades to the program and the maintenance of the program, I’d say your pricing isn’t too far out of the individual’s reach. Of course you may have to wait for the economy to catch up to make it within more peoples reach. I will look more closely at the program when you release it, and then get back to you. As far as salesforce,com, past reports from our members on salesforce were somewhat less than flattering, so I’ll have to do some homework there too.

    • Bob- Past reports of Salesforce may not have been so strong because your team was probably using a generic, out-of-the-box version of Salesforce. With REthink, brokers and agents can roll out a real estate specific version of Salesforce without all of the headache of customizing the app for real estate. Looking forward to showing you the app….

  • While a CRM is important, I personally am looking for the perfect fit for a prospect resouce management. I still have not found it. The best I have found was manipulating ACT! I would love a program that will keep notes, Sort data (like sf needs, expiration dates, contacts, etc) but to be geared towards prospecting new tenants. Can anyone help with that?

  • Thanks for the lead here, Duke. I have been trying to get a feel for Rethink as well, but have run in to a couple of snags. I am sure it is a very small company, but there does not appear to be much if any support. If you call the company, you get a third party answering service that takes a message. I have left 3 messages, but never had a phone call returned. Vijay has been good about response by email, usually within the day, but sometimes later.

    I checked out the free trial, but it is not the full subscription, so you can’t really get a clear picture of what it is capable of or not (i.e. integration with Android, syncing capabilities, etc). I got responses like “I think” or “I believe” when asked for responses to questions. SOOoooooo, why not just get a full subscript. and check it out then?

    I tried to upgrade to the subscription service to get a better picture of what is offered, but this is done the old fashioned way…with a PDF by email. To my surprise, the contract requires a 1 year commitment. Also, one of the major concerns for me is there is no automatic way to export data. In other words, you are reliant on THEM to give you your data if things don’t work out and you have to part ways.

    In fairness, I have asked Vijay to respond to my concerns. I WANT a service like this. I want them or someone like them to succeed, because it appears that REThink has a very robust platform. but lets see….hmmmm, ok….so we have a firm that doesn’t answer their phone, has a free trial that doesn’t provide the whole picture of what is going on, has a lock and key on your data and then asks for a 1 year commitment. ….lets put it this way, I would have to have my head examined to sign up for that deal. I will relay on what Vijay has to say and update later.

    BTW, I currently use ACT for CRE and I am tired of it being an anchor to my server. I want an application that I can get from the road and this seems like a great option.