Should You? Would You? Why You Don’t and Won’t Attend Any #Cre #Tech Events!

I need to give you credit.

You’re smart and value your time and shouldn’t we all just that little bit more.

You pay attention to the trends and numbers that affect your business.

You read up on your industry and get a few email subscriptions sent to your inbox with your permission.

You may even be one of those “Twitter people”  who pay attention to that “online stuff.”

Depending on where geographically and or what part of commercial real estate you are involved in you “volunteer to pay it back on the local regional and national levels.”

You most likely take a quarterly and in addition to those an annual trip to help support your industry advocacy.

It’s almost always someplace warm and easily accessible. And is usually held and a prime time four or five-star conference location with all the amenities.

Of course, there are some old friends you see and catch up with and a few new one’s to meet (that online thing keeps you up front) at the “networking” events.

Hell, you even sneak in a little putting practice and drain a couple of 10+ footers in the best ball event sponsored by that national title company you use for all of your deals.

You pretty much know the line of succession that’s in front of you for national leadership and have no issues waiting your turn like the people before and after you will.

So what’s this all about again?

Occasionally because you do pay attention you will see something pop up online or in your email about some sort of commercial real estate technology event.

It’s usually some sort of featured technology company demo, booth sponsor promo or technology panel event that has been added to a few associations agendas as an add-on.

You have witnessed the same recently at all levels of your industry involvement. You have also clicked on a few just to see what type of agendas they have, are promoting and also what type of people in or out of the industry are involved.

One of the more prominent types of emails you keep receiving is for commercial real estate and technology only events targeted directly at you.

They want you to attend, sponsor, promote, engage and help advocated technology and its use in the commercial real estate business to any and all within your network.

You thought about it and even checked a few dates just to see if you could fit one in your schedule. But!

That’s where it stops.

You don’t go any further.

And guess what? I don’t blame you!

And do you know why? You may have a few reasons beyond just time in mind but let me help.

I have personally attended about every type commercial and yes residential real estate technology type event out there.

I am known for (among many moral and ethical things) my no filter unedited brain flow style of event summary.

I let it hang out there for the simple fact that it brings some actual personality to what is otherwise a staged and timed event.

What are you missing?

Ummm, Uhhhh not much.

And here is why!

-Most of these events to this point have an issue with what I would call a limited or just plain lack of audience. And when I say that I mean YOU!. The actual users and industry players in and of commercial real estate.

-Another issue that is painfully obvious is a problem with saturation. There is not anything new or fresh! I see it all, and I still see the same stuff for the most part that I saw one two three and easily four years ago. This statement will piss off a few people, and I don’t give a shit! It’s just a plain fact.

-So, you may just happen to decide you will take the time and attend one of these events. Ask yourself why again. How about this, I need to ask a question, and so do you of everyone who has attended one of these. What are you getting for your money and your time? Tell me. Seriously.

-Here is another issue. If you do go or have in the past attended, what is and or was your experience at the event? Think about it. Compare that to the other professional events you attend. Is it that easy to see or is it just me looking at it through a magnified lens

-How do you or can you measure any real value that you may have gained from attending this type of event? I mean hey, I get free booze usually, is that enough? You and I both know the answer to that.

-What has it taken you in time and effort to attend this event? I’m talking about walking away from your everyday. What if you bring somebody with you? Are you gaining more that what you gave up?

-What are you seeing? Do you even know why you are looking at it and how relatable is it to you and your actual business?

It’s supposed to be the CRE “tech future.” Is it? 

By my definition, it’s quite simply a cre tech of today. As in right now.

What are you not seeing?

You are sure as hell are not seeing the future.

It’s not here now. It’s not even close.

The issues we face, the big issues that we all face are much more than an upgraded excel spreadsheet with pretty graphics.

We are not addressing those in any way at all. I don’t see it. Well, actually I do see it but it’s not at these events.

A metaphor for our time.

Elon Musk and his Space X team just launched a rocket into space, “carried essential cargo to a space station” and then proceeded to land the rocket back on a concrete pad intact.  Click on the link and geek out for a minute.

So, what’s that scenario for commercial real estate? Who is launching rockets and landing them like a feather right in front of the entire world?

No one!!! No one is even trying!

Do I have to go through the list of what we are not even trying again?

Where are those big ideas?

I know where they are, they are outside of commercial real estate.

Yes, cars and trucks that drive themselves. It is just a dumbass parking app that helps cre with this unquestioned quantum earth bending technology. Ok, sure hell that should be good enough.

How about sharing? Of course, you know that means sharing of space right? Hell, we are still bitching about cubicles not maximizing space. “Open is too loud?” Turn your hearing aid down you old fuck. How about if people just don’t show up at the “office” at all? No need to deal with that. No office, no technology needed. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Another one off the top of my head. Efficiencies. No not data aggregation and workflow efficiencies. Building efficiencies. Think of the stock of structures in existence today. Ten, twenty years from now. Will they be in even worse shape and inefficient? The answer to that is “why yes Duke, that’s exactly where we will be.”  Show me today why that will not happen!

Easy to blame.

Yes, it is. I see nothing but a waste of time effort and money trying to accomplish what? A better Loopnet.

I could post that up every day and how long until it is not true?

I’m actually getting pretty fucking tired of it.

Just in case the DarkStar thinks I am out of gas…..oh I am definitely not!

There is always more than one.

I’m looking for rocket fuel.

I’m looking for rocket makers.

I’m looking for people who want to populate Mars.

And in case you are wondering (DarkStar) those kind of people can’t be bought.

At (Yes, ______ those last four sentences are aimed directly at you) any price.

You may think so but what if we are so far ahead of even that?

That’s not possible, is it?

You are not seeing it now. That I can guarantee.

Walk into any of these events.

After this, I may not be able to.

Maybe I shouldn’t waste my time, to begin with?

What are you seeing?

Is it the future of commercial real estate and technology?

At this point, NO!

Maybe you can help.

It does take more than one.

It’s not just someone like Musk you and I both know that.

It’s some serious visionary talent working together.

But we are not even trying. Yes, I know why.

Is it because you won’t get off your ass and even try and help?

Nope, Not Even!!

We as in the tech and cre industry have given you zero reasons to do one damn thing about it.

Should You? Would You? Why You Don’t and Won’t Attend Any #Cre #Tech Events!

Hell, NO!

I don’t blame you at all!








  • Ok, how bout this? I go back in time, say 20,000 years, and visit some cavemen huddled around a fire all hunched over and grunting. I get Moon Zappa’s attention and hand her a hunting rifle and Bic lighter. She and her cohorts all grunt in apparent appreciation and head out for the hunt. I sit on a perch above a vast plain and watch as the hunting party all sprint as quickly they can toward a Woolly Mammoth and rather than shoot it from a comfortable distance, they bludgeon it to death with the stylish, hand-crafted butt of their new rifle. They return from the hunt and I ask “why did you hunt the same way when I gave you a new tool, a new technology to make hunting safer and more efficient”? Chaco angrily shoves the rifle back to me and says “rifle sucks, wooden clubs better! You take rifle, go hunt, and open grocery store next to village!!” I hang my head in despair and disbelieve. He looks up with one final comment: “Oh, and take lighter and go make fire for us!”

    Moral of the story: get out there and get engaged in CRE tech! Not every innovation is sexy, not every conference/trade show will be like your first beer, you may have to work even struggle to understand what’s available and what’s coming – but there are innovations and tools out there right now that are worth the price of admission to discover. A Bic lighter ain’t much, for the guy who understands how to use it – it can be life changing…