Robin. Offices Should Be As Smart As The People Who Work In Them.

Robin. Offices Should Be As Smart As The People Who Work In Them.

Our story

We didn’t know it at the time, but the seeds of Robin started back in 2011 as a development company called One Mighty Roar. One of our earliest successes was a platform for personalizing event interactions by pairing RFID wristbands with Facebook. It helped people keep their phones in their pockets so they could focus on the real world experience. Life wasn’t meant to be seen through a photo filter, after all.

As more projects went by, a new idea began to take shape. We had seen first-hand that something special happens when great digital experiences collide with great physical experiences at events. But what if this could happen every day where people spend huge chunks of their day… like where they work? Seeing the potential to make the workplace better, we started to prototype connected environments using our own office as the laboratory. As tech improved over the next two years, we knew where we needed to go.

In 2014, the entire One Mighty Roar team took the next step and founded a new company to chase this mission. Drawing on our collective years of experience building presence-driven environments, we’re now building a connectivity layer to power buildings of the future… one we wish existed when we first started.

We believe in a future where the real world of buildings and workplaces is increasingly connected and digital and smart. But “digital” is not just about screen resolution. Or your phone. It’s far bigger than that. It’s about happiness. And engagement. And productivity. And we believe the world just needs tools to help build it.


Our platform

Robin is software that brings presence-sensing and building automation to the office.

Using the latest sensors and wireless technology, Robin connects the people, devices, and systems you already have. Helping rooms react, and everyone work smarter — together

We believe technology should be a good neighbor for the people it serves. With Robin, walking through the door signs you into the room. Now conference rooms book themselves and the lobby television personalizes for the person in front of it.

When buildings double as assistants, you can focus on doing things that matter.

Offices should be as smart as the people who work inside them. Be present. Less bullsh*t, better work.

How it works.


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Duke Long


  • I really like this and it has certainly got great growth potential. One of those things that many look at and say “why didn’t I think of that!”. I wonder , and couldn’t find on the site, if upon entering the lobby and seeing a personalized screen, does/could this alert others in the office that someone has arrived? From their web site and related to existing conference room scheduling systems, I saw “If you like it, keep it.” Sounds so vaguely familiar!!

    Regarding how smart my office can get, well that may be a lost cause..