ReThink CRM. A Culture Of Success.

It starts with a handshake.

I first met Vijay Mehra at ICSC three or four years ago. If I remember correctly I was standing with Steve Wayne CEO of Prospect Now and I approached Vijay to introduce myself and find out what his product looked like. He was as I remember it just a tad shy and had his presentation down. He mentioned that he was just starting to build up his company and may have had four or five people at that time. I also remember him saying he was going to bootstrap it and try and build the company on revenue. I liked what I saw and as I usually do I took his card and promised to stay in touch.

Fast Forward.

He and I occasionally kept in contact and then this year I was invited to meet the team in Austin.


What an amazing creative harworking diverse group of people.

When you are one on one in a meeting or at dinner with certain people you can just feel it see it and breathe it.

Execution Commitment and Success.

The Rethink Team has it all.

Watch the video below to see why and yes the portion that says 9 million in revenue is correct.

What have you been doing the last three or four years?

ReThink CRM. A Culture Of Success.



+1 Yes this is a glowing /cheering for ReThink post.

+1+1 When you build a company with revenue only have 130,000 customers paying you every month and are just getting started you get some CRETech love.

+1+1+1 Want to get my attention? Build your company like ReThink has!


Disclosure: Yes they are paying for the banner add.  Have you noticed I write about many other CRM companies and some have adds and some do not.

Duke Long

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