Discover Common Ground For Better Conversations. Download It NOW! Discover Common Ground For Better Conversations. Download IT NOW!

How it works.

My take.

I downloaded the app and immediately searched some people I (thought) I knew.

First. Jason Freedman from 42floors has a child. Jason! When did that happen? How did that happen?  :):) Cutest baby ever.

Second. Nick Romito from View The Space. Your hair is the same in EVERY picture you have ever taken. How is this possible. Genetics? Product? Hairpiece?

Third. Michael Mandel from CompStak. You are married? I have to meet this girl. She must be a goddess.

Fourth. Jean Maday from NAR Commercial. Are you sure that’s not just your sister but your twin? Oh and how many pictures of your shoes does the world need to see? Thousands would be my guess.

Fifth. Elie Fiengold from CBRE. You created your own major at Harvard and graduated. Pure Genius!

Sixth. Paige Steers from Jone Lang LaSalle. Two words. Drag Racing.

Seventh. Mark Toro from North American Properties. Welcome to the Big Ten (Rutgers) Jersey boy? Admit it!

Eighth.Pierce R. Neinkin from CBRE Global Services. Creator of CRE/TechIntersect. Is “Hunky ” still a word that we are allowed to use today?

Ninth. Allen C. Buchanan from Lee & Associates. Deep underneath the sunglasses and OC tan is an Arkansas boy just screaming to get out y’all.

Tenth. Mall Manager from North Forest Creek Mall. One more time. I am NOT the Mall Manager………………..:)

All in good clean professional fun.

I poked just a little bit of fun at the people above all in good humor.

What if I didn’t know these people that well?

Would this kind of thing be appropriate?

Think of the information that is out there for anyone and everyone to see.

That information is out there because YOU let it be out there.

Is this kind of thing just a little bit unnerving?

Is it just business intelligence?

It does help you get a better idea of the person you are meeting.

Would you not be doing that anyway?

That’s just good business right?

#CRE and #CRM = BIg $$$ Right?

Is this not just a real-time version of that? Discover Common Ground For Better Conversations. Download It NOW!

Opinions comments and points of view are always appreciated.




Duke Long


  • Nice app, and clearly the direction of getting information on contacts and prospects. While this aggregates information from several sources there is no link to a CRM. There are several CRM’s active now which provide this ability and link or capture the results to contacts in the CRM. Currently this would seems a more efficient way to not only capture specific information (private phone numbers, dates, family, connections) rather than using a stand alone program/app like Refresh. Perhaps Refresh plans on providing links for CRMs like Salesforce which would complete the circle of information.