Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 3.

Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will.Part 3.

Well we started off with Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue and Never Will. Parts 1 and 2

At this point you must be thinking “come on now Duke where is the Top 20 things I need to do list so I can just get this over with?”

No so fast my friend. You have……..

A Toxic Workplace.

Wait you don’t think so do you.

I’m not talking about the 20 foot piece of granite you use for a conference table.

I’m not talking about the etched glass walls with your company name.

I am talking about your “workplace environment.” It’s Toxic.

Remember in my previous post that stated that your target is Gen Y?

They can smell the burn from your office a million miles away.

You don’t have the workplace environment that they want.

You of course have no clue what the hell that even is.

Let me help.

Peer to Peer.

They not only want but will demand peer-to-peer collaboration. Think Google mentality. Cross pollination interaction sharing of ideas innovation. They want to focus away from the individual. They want to look outside the office for ideas from everyone. Vendors suppliers customers clients. Job titles mean nothing.

Their Work Their Way.

This is not their grandfather’s 9-5. This is not about flex time. This is not about work life balance. It’s about work integration. Work any place any where any time. Don’t even think about a calls per $$$ and time on the phone chart. They want to be measure by results not by your definition of “dues paying.” How do you measure personal productivity? They don’t care. They have their own measurement. It’s called results. So they spent two days hiking. Who cares what they do with their time. Your rules means no rules for them.


First of all just shut up. You don’t get it and never will. Your old antiquated systems make them cringe. Don’t waste their time. They already know what they need. They will go get it and use whatever technology is necessary to get it done. Excel this. Excel that. Excel your own ass.

Toxic Workplace Structure. 

You want it you must have it you crave it.

It is how the commercial real estate has and always will work.

How in the world are you going to be able to function in the Gen Y environment?

You won’t. You can’t.

You will bend them to your will!

You will leave a legacy for the next generation!


Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 3.

Have you given up and the bullet lists and fluffy kittens yet?

Duke Long


  • Blah, blah, blah… Just excuses for bad/stupid behavior on everyone’s part. Old guy brokerages need to stop hiring younger agents/stop complaining about them if they can’t figure out how to work with them. And if Gen Y’s can’t stand the old guys, they should leave and open Gen Y only brokerages. Then they can do it their way while they wait for the boomers and slackers to go out of business or die (whichever comes first) or until they can’t feed themselves…whichever comes first…