Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 2.

Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 2.

Starting off with Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will Part 1.

I laid down the gauntlet and called you out for not having a plan having a bad attitude and flat-out being ignorant.

Now where are the fluffy kittens cute bunnies and actionable bullet points  you ask? Don’t hold your breath.

Let’s talk about your potential new hire and who they really are.

Let’s not talk about the pie in the sky wishful hopeful ignorantly blind idea of what YOU think they are or should be.

Your Target.

They are what most people call Gen Y.

If you have heard the term good for you. Now go do your own research to get up to speed. I will wait. Go ahead.

Think you are up to speed? Good.

Here is a list of some of the characteristics of your new Gen Y target.

1. They want to be continually connected. They grew up that way. It’s in their DNA. It’s not something they even think about.

2. They speak their own language. Not boomer language. Not Sinatra Language. Not Grateful Dead language. Not Steely Dan language.

3. They are skeptical of authority. Do I really need to add anything here?

4. They are influenced by their peers. They realise that they are part of the whole world and their peers are important to them.

5. They seek recognition and fame. All the world is indeed a stage and they have access to it.

6. They enjoy odd humor and absurdity. Think the Daily Show and Daniel Tosh.

7. They embrace a variety of sub-cultures. Think anything but Lilly white boomer culture.

8. They skim read and take in information very quickly. What is a white paper again?

9. They are easily bored. I-phone I-pad MacBook Pro Bluetooth everything. I-want.

10. They are expressive and digitally creative….and WOW are you not!

Look at that list and all of the qualities of your potential new hire. Admit it, wait you don’t have to admit it you know it.

You hate yes hate every possible version of that F*UCKING list. Who are these people and who in the f*uck do they think they are?

Settle down and quit cussing.

This generation can is and will be taking over the workforce. That means taking over you your business and your job.

They are going to do it their way. NOT your way.

How are you possibly going to recruit these people?

Do you even want to? Of course not. That’s why you suck at it.

Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 2.

Part 3 has got to be friendly kissy and sweet cotton candy does it not……..


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