Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 1.

Recruiting.Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will. Part 1

Why am I so negative?

Where is the “here are 20 helpful fluffy wonderful free tips to help you recruit 5 kabillion dollar #CRE mega producers post?”

If I put that headline up I would get tons of page views and some “hey nice tips thanks for sharing” comments.

You or your people might glean off a couple of useful tips and bookmark them for later reference…to never be looked at again.

So here is some in your face reality so that maybe you just might pay attention.

Recruiting. Why You Suck.

Here is your strategy:

Ok not really but here is your strategy if you are at least trying….which you are most likely not.

1. Identify your recruiting needs.

2. Establish the type of recruit you actually want.

3. Create a plan.

4. Consistently execute the plan.

Sounds and looks pretty solid does it not? So what’s wrong with this simple plan?

1. Your not doing it.

2. You have no idea who your target really….really is.

3. A template you scanned from a seminar with notes attached in your downloads folder is not a plan.

4. A couple of coffee meetings and a lunch you would have if the recruit were trying to date your daughter does not show willingness or consistently.

Why even this plan sucks.

What if this were an article in the WSJ with a snappy headline from 1985? You would be all over it right?

Name me one thing that this simple plan addresses for the commercial real estate brokerage of 2013?

Go to a conference. Sit in a room with a consultant. Pay someone to fly across the country for a three-day retreat.

This is exactly what you are going to get…verbatum.

Oh now don’t get all huffy I am sure someone is using the #CRE version of the Wonderlic Test just to make it seem edgy.

So you are asking ” why am I supposedly sucking again?’

Reason number 1. Your attitude REALLY sucks.

Caution. Rant. This will offend some (most) people and is not appropriate for anyone with rabbit ears.

The constant whining that “the other” generation has no work ethic and no values.

The pathetic sense that you and only you really know how to do business. Serious CRE business.

Cold Call. Cold Call. Cold Call. Sure call the guy from Target on Wednesday. Call the guy from Target on next Wednesday. Call the guy from Target on the Wednesday after that. Worked for you back in the day and it sure as shit still works today. WOW now that is inspiring marketing and relationship selling. That will pull them in.

Still wanting and looking for the ex-quarterback/leadership alpha male/golf partner ringer type? (Disclosure: I am an ex-quarterback         alpha male/golfer….think about it.)

Why can’t these guys be more like my son who is on Wall Street (who I am as proud as hell about BTW) and be like him. Oh wait he did not want to suck and go into #CRE like daddy.

Consistently maintaining the attitude that if they would just “listen to me once do what I say and get off their asses and get some business” then this would be a much easier process for everyone. Especially you.

Reason number 2. Ignorance and proud of it.

Completely and ignorantly not even trying to understand anyone 10 years younger than you unless you are related or your wife makes you.

Stating that yes oh hell yes that you understand that internet tech thing that everyone is talking about….this week.

Denying that the reality of #CRE is at its core relationships. WAIT! WHAT?  Yes that’s what I said. Beyond your weekly foursome who are your “true friends” name the last 5 potential recruits names that you remember…go ahead I will wait. Relationships my ass!

Engagement. It’s what your niece has done recently to that punk kid with the tight jeans goatee and tattoos. What? That’s engagement.

Only looking at the boys from the school you attended. You went there so it must be awesome. Why look anywhere else?

Only maybe but not really looking at anyone female. Unless the are “hot” as hell or a “bulldog” if they are both then they may have a shot.

Recruiting. Why You Suck Have No Clue And Never Will!

Part 2 has to be all fluffy kittens and cute bunnies does it not……..

Duke Long


  • Sounds familiar. Was this a self examination too? It felt like it. On a more serious note, you didn’t mention training, training, training after recruiting. It would be nice to have the time and money to have a raw recruit shadow you for a year, while you cold call and put deals together.

  • Yeah all the above…I agree with Howard not just b/c I have a CRE training company. You should hear many of the responses I get when speaking with upper management of large to very large brokerage firms! The best one is “We don’t want to spend money on anyone until they have at least 3 years under their belt and can show us they can make it” I am being dead serious. The usually mentoring process also stinks, the new kid is just there to carry the briefcase and listen. Don’t ask questions, no “did you understand what you just heard” etc. I have actually had participants who had been working in CRE for 12 months ask me “Excuse me, but what is TI?” Enough said.