RECOTECH Helsinki, Finland 2018. It Was “HAMMASTYTTAVA!”

Helsinki, Finland the land of RECOTECH 2018 Where Real Estate, Architecture, and Construction meets SLUSH and sees the Future.

Well, here we are at another #CRE #RealEstate #Property and #TECH event.

I did mention a few times in the past that this thing is and always has been GLOBAL.

Most of you know what’s coming if not scroll down and soak it all in.

Yes, there will be some of my personal observations at the end…how can I not?

Oh, and there will be a special  “highlighted” version of my session with Martin Lund at the end. I think one of my first questions to him was “How do you fuck up a billion dollars?” Yea, hey, I had to ask.”

They did do a slick intro video. Click on it to get a bit of flavor, it’s just 25 seconds long.

Ok, then let’s get right to it!

Now again, the tweets and pics above just scratch the surface…this was so much more.

And with that let me give you my personal take.

  1. Holy Hell is it DARK here, this is no joke I have not seen the sun in like 3 or 4 days. I know it’s a thing here but I do appreciate the fact that I do not have to wear sunglasses or worry about sunblock. For reference it gets light at about 9:00 am in the morning and by 3:30 pm ish…pitch black.
  2. The food and then again…the food. It’s that sticky kind of healthy good. One word Reindeer! Yes, Reindeer. If you are vegan and that offends you…Fuck Off!
  3. The pre-event speakers’ dinner proceeded a tour of the new library.
  4. Stunning is the only comment I can make just stunning. (Side Bar: Had a “few” drinks with the architect…cool guy and he can throw down!)
  5. The dinner was just one of those, drinks, conversation…food…shots…dessert .. conversations…shots…cognac. I’m sure there were many there who did not touch one drink…there had to be…maybe.
  6. On to the venue…take another look at some of the Tweets. It was dead on. Perfect size, well organized and all dark and moody. What else did you expect?
  7. One major comment, I need to make. These people are precise and organized as hell and I like that. Be the fuck on time and respect everyone’s time as well. I’m down with that. They told me where and when to be and then came back up just before to make sure all was ready. If you are going to do a show fucking DO IT!
  8. BTW they even took us (the speakers) in a group to lunch with reserved tables all ready to go. Yea, that’s how you do it.
  9. The content was, of course, more regionally focused, that’s why I showed up in the first place. I needed to soak it all in and see how they do it is this region.
  10. Did I mention how this thing just flowed along seamlessly and was on time? I may have but just in case.
  11. Oh, and whoever handled the social media parts of this thing knew what the hell they were doing.

Ok, now on to my little session with Martin Lund at the end. His story is interesting, to say the least. We had no outline or agenda before hand. Nothing but …

And what did you miss? How about the possible smell of The Devil’s Weed?

One thing is for sure, me + open mic + no outline or filter + a quiet focused audience = Pure Gold!

I had no less than 10 people come up to me after and acknowledge it was the best part of their day.

Hey, I was keeping it light and fun. I did thank Martin for his time and willingness to do whatever it was we did.

Hey Martin, if you are reading this I have a question,” what train stop should you use when coming from the airport to Helsinki?” Asking for a friend.

After the event, we jumped on a Party Tram to make our way to the after party. So a party to get to the party. Pure Genius!

The after party was fabulous.

They created a PropTech quiz of 20 questions that about 30 people participated in. The prize was free tickets to next years Future PropTech London event.

One of the questions was “How many F-Bombs has Duke Long used in his articles since June of this year? It was multiple choice answering. The right answer? 25. I must be getting Melo.

How fun was that. I seem to remember some kind of spearmint type shots with a Russian leading the way and someone from Norway singing a short song to commemorate the shot.

Yea, that’s how to drink!

Just for fun, I want to add this in.

And even before you ask “did I?”…..Uh NOPE! I Did Not!

Yes well maybe I did, but then again I did not. Let me explain. If you did not know the sauna is a way of life in Finland. Young, old, small, big, male, female and or whatever and all in between “take a sauna.”

I was graciously invited to experience the full-on Finnish Sauna at

There is an entire process almost ritual like that they adhere to.

You may have a bite to eat or maybe a drink or two before. Then to the sauna.

Hot sauna, into the cold. Smoke sauna then again into the cold and then maybe jump straight into the frozen Baltic Sea!

Well…I Did Not jump into the Baltic Sea. And you are like “Duke, what’s up, It’s a must do thing. Be at one with the locals”…Uh NOPE!

One of the people I was with related a story that their friend would “take a saaaauuuuna” jump into the Baltic, get out and then hit the snow-covered ground, roll back and forth a few times to ensure complete coverage. I was like “WHAT!”

Now if you were standing next to me on that deck, wind howling steam rising off your entire body realizing that you are indeed freezing just seconds after emerging from the hot smoke sauna you would…….yea sure you would. Next time come with and I will stand there in full Arctic gear and watch you just for fun!

I did enjoy every minute of it. That’s how to live.

Well, this was my take on RECOTECH Helsinki, Finland 2018.



+1 Kippis!

+1+1 Speakers gift with a hand written note. How classy and thoughtful is that!



Duke Long

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