• Bob – that 360 cam is fantastic technology! We’re excited to play around with it and are actually hoping to talk potential integrations using ReaLync’s platform and their camera. We’d love to tell you more about how ReaLync is differentiated and truly catered to real estate though.

  • This seems like a more refined version of Skype. This is all something you can do for free. Its nice, but doesn’t appeal to me as much as that 360Cam that Bob mentioned. 360Cam looks very cool. I’m going to keep my eye on that one. Thanks for the suggestion Bob!

  • I really like what the guys at ReaLync are doing – they are taking the property tour to the next level with the technology we already carry with us everywhere.

    Skype and 360 Cams are wonderful technology, but the technology is not industry specific. The technology becomes powerful when someone like RealLync matches the tools with the industry which they have done. Good work guys.