RealConnex Selected For Web Summit Dublin 4-6 November 2014 Start Up Program.

Web Summit. Dublin 4-6 November 2014.

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What is it?

” It’s Where The Tech World Meets and It’s Europe’s Most Global Tech Event.”

 It’s been called the” best technology conference on the planet.” But we think it’s different. And that difference works for our attendees, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the most exciting startups in the world. Our speakers may be world class, but our networking is “simply legendary.”

Technology is changing the world faster and further than at any point in human history. We bring those responsible for that change together because we think it’s important to understand what that change means for our businesses and societies.

Who’s attending?

The names of the companies and the people who represent them are STAGGERING.








500+ Speakers.

Click here for each days agenda. 

RealConnex and The Start Program.

The Start Program is by invitation only to the 150 highest potential and most disruptive startup companies in the world.

The Start Program provides:

Premium access to the 10,000 plus attendees.

All access tickets.

Premium exhibition space.

VIP access to the Start Lounge.

Featured media.

Accommodations at 4 star hotel.

RealConnex  ” The Market Place For Real Estate Professionals.”

“Connecting opportunities to the right capital, clients, investments, services and people!”

They are in BETA RIGHT NOW!

Click on this link to Sign Up. Limited Time Only. FOR FREE!

Some Inside Information.

I met with Roy Abrams the CEO of RealConnex last year at CRE Tech Intersect in New York last November. At that time he was still building and working on his site.

One thing that he did have was a vision. He is also charismatic as hell.  He said “I may have something for you to look at soon. I would really appreciate your feedback.”

Forward to January of this year and I get an invitation and phone call from Roy to fly to New York with several other “taste makers” to sit down and look at what he had accomplished to that point and give some feedback and thoughts.

Sitting in CBRE’s Corporate office.

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Oh wait that’s the lobby. The conference room is to the right and the views down Park Ave. are spectacular.

The full on presentation started with introductions coffee danish snacks water and a whiteboard. I was in my element.

Now part of my nature is to sit listen take it in and then…ask….. WHY!

Why this product?

Why this site?

Who is your team?

What makes you think you can do this?

How much money do you have?

This is just like X. What are you doing that is so different?

You realise this….

You understand that you will have to……

This is going to be hard because………

And Roy was on it, taking the hits like a champ.

His transparency was refreshing.

His willingness to be open about the things that were good and bad was absolute.

After the presentation and questions we broke off for a little New York personal time.

We then met up for a pre arranged dinner that was “to die for.”

The conversations continued.

The relationships started to form.

Now. is in BETA  and “gaining traction.”

I did mention that right? In BETA and allowing Free Sign Ups for a Limited Time.

They are off to Dublin to showcase their product and vision to the world.

Some of the best and brightest from all over the world will get a chance to see what they have.

I am confident that Roy and his team will do well.

I for one will be cheering for RealConnex.

We all need to be cheering for them.

They are taking on the world…….FOR US!


RealConnex Selected For Web Summit Dublin 4-6 November 2014 Start Up Program.

















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