Matching Real Estate Professionals to the Right Capital, Opportunities, Services and Each Other. Matching Real Estate Professionals to the Right Capital, Opportunities, Services and Each Other.

So I get an email and phone call this January “would I like to come to New York and see a brand new beta site for real estate?”What New York you say why yes of course I would. So a quick flight and cronut later I am sitting in the CBRE corporate offices waiting. Handshakes pleasantries and then the presentation.Of course it’s me so I take lots of notes and remain quite which is a good sign but then they ask me for my opinion and feedback and oh yea do I give it to them. They listen they answer they break out the white board and we discuss. Lots of good old feedback and then off to dinner. The next morning I am invited to their office in Mid Town to meet and greet. I am impressed with the team. It’s a mix of “seasoned” veterans and the jeans wearing youth. We sit we talk we grab a sandwich. So here we are in June and now they have launched.

I have seen the full robust platform. This will change the way you do deals forever. CLICK ON NOW!

The real estate industry — a $29-trillion global asset class — is currently experiencing a tech revolution. The industry, which was one of the last to embrace technology, has seen a number of startups pop up in the past couple of years. However, the RealConnex platformis a departure from these sites. RealConnex aims to bring the full ecosystem of real estate professionals (developers, investors, lenders, brokers, etc.) together online with a specific value proposition: via highly sophisticated tools, member can search for and connect with the right capital sources, investment opportunities, development partners and service providers based on detailed criteria.

Real estate investment is booming right now, as wide variety of investors — from foreign investors to high-net-worth individuals — see the asset class as a safe haven for their money. Because of this, RealConnex founder Roy Abrams believes now is the ideal time to launch the site. Roy, who has the unique background of having successfully operated both real estate investment and tech companies, has an intimate understanding of real estate dealmaking, which is historically an opaque process that limits RE professionals’ access to the full range of opportunities that meet their requirements. RealConnex reflects a deep understanding of how the real estate deal process plays out, and provides a solution that will allow the industry’s players to more easily navigate the complex market environment and, ultimately, consummate more deals, much faster. The site is both comprehensive and intuitive, and translates all of the sensitivities, confidentialities and methods of the legacy real estate industry into an online solution.

Duke Long

  • BruceREFM

    Wow, this looks great!

    • Duke Long

      Any feedback you have on this is appreciated. You know your stuff.

      • BruceREFM

        The number one competitor for new products is the customer’s existing habits/muscle memory i.e., what do they currently reach for without thinking when they are trying to solve a particular type of problem? From my limited experience, breaking into the automatic response path is not easy. If this company has financial staying power, good marketing and a good product, they could do great things over time.

  • CompStak

    This sounds pretty interesting. Excited to see the platform!

  • Adam

    Seems like they’re trying to be everything to everyone. I’d focus on a vertical and do it better than everyone else. Many before them have tried the same, come and gone.