REAL 2015. Capture – Compute – Create. The Future of Commercial Real Estate NOW!

REAL 2015. Capture – Compute – Create. The Future of Commercial Real Estate NOW!  Capture – Compute – Create

REAL is the first ever convergence of the sensing, making and creative industries. A unique gathering to explore Reality Computing as the continuum of reality data, from 3D capture to 3D processing through to AR/VR, 3D printing and fabrication.

REAL brings together multiple disciplines doing real work in 3D from across Architecture and Art, Engineering and Entertainment, Manufacturing and Media, Heritage and Health, Sports and Science.

REAL combines REAL TALK – an exclusive technology summit – and REAL LIVE – a world’s fair of 3D technology demonstrations.

Ok ok I know I jump all over this high tech immersive visual technology stuff…BUT!

Let’s get serious for a minute. This stuff is if you pardon the pun getting real.

Just for a start the scanners and sensors and real time data are already having a big impact on commercial real estate.

Motionloft from Motionloft on Vimeo.

Not convinced yet? How about 3d printing 10 buildings in 24 hours?

Still not convinced?

Think about the data that will be created.

What will a phone call just to verify comps mean when that data is real time?

How about showing a property to a client across the country without ever walking thru the door.

What if one of your clients can just print a part instead of calling a supplier and getting it sent to them from a warehouse?

Faro the product featured in the video is sponsoring the Real 2015 event. Oh and the video is from 2 years ago not yesterday.

Pay attention to this technology.

It will drastically affect commercial real estate.

It will drastically affect us all.

REAL 2015. Capture – Compute – Create The Future of Commercial Real Estate NOW!

+1 If you think this is just all techno bullshit watch this and get your mind blown!






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