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(RE)meter is an innovative software platform offering a variety of high level products for the Commercial Real Estate Industry. (RE)meter’s ability to access accurate, government-validated data combined with cutting-edge software provides unbiased, highly detailed risk assessments through a proprietary document, the (RE)port.

We have created the first credit score, called the TIL Score, for the CRE industry with an easy to use platform for owners, asset managers and landlords of office, retail or industrial properties, to underwrite tenant’s credit before they sign a lease.

We have exclusive data from the IRS, Census and Dept. of Labor and can benchmark companies against their competitors in any local market, tie that to the lease terms and quantify the risk level of each transaction.

This data is exclusive to REmeter under “Commercial Real Estate Leasing” purposes. We are the first to be able to do assess risk of a lease transaction using actual IRS data.

The TIL Score is the combined with the Cap Rate of the actual asset the lease is written for and a “Value” is created. In other words, the TIL Score will show you that by doing this deal, this lease will show a value ($) reflected in a raise or decline in the cap rate.

Using 8 line items from the tenants financials, their NAICS code, the lease terms and the IRS/Census/Labor data the TIL (Tenant, Industry, Lease) Report will instantaneously give you a “Credit score” of the transaction for that tenant. It takes about 15 minutes to input the numbers and is an unbiased, third-party report. We can run the deals for you or you can use the “easy-to-use” platform and input the numbers yourself at your convenience.

There is no “one method” to underwriting a tenant right now for the CRE industry. Lots of companies used “surveyed” data to help determine the risk. We use 27 million tax returns that we get updated on a quarterly basis to create that credit score and benchmarks that allow the landlord to know more about that tenant’s industry than the tenant will know.

We have very high level macro data that can really break down industries in every MSA across the nation and show three-year trends in growth, profitability, rent per employee, average rent.. etc…

We can also provide background checks that show any liens/judgements, court findings, global watch lists, the status of their business licenses and background checks of the executives of the company.




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