• That’s a big wow on a few levels…Thanks, Duke.

  • abuchanan

    PHENOMENAL! so happy I am an industrial specialist…

  • I love this video with all of my heart.

  • Lowell Peabody

    There are interesting points to be made on both sides of this discussion. In this video we learn that remote workers may feel guilt and overcompensate in their work emails, etc, something I am sure they will get under control!! Then again are articles suggesting that remote workers become distant from the corporate culture, their co-workers, new employees, the chance meeting up at the coffee station that leads to some level of collaboration (not likely to happen in remote locations).

    Which is better? As in many debates, there is a tendency to make the issue black or white. It isn’t. While time can be spent in one location or another, remote or in office, I don’t recall hearing anyone say “All the time”. I am starting to believe that like many things in life, either approach is good, in moderation! Both sets of advantages can be addressed with good management of time spent in one place or another, but I think the answer is to manage time at both locations.

  • TheCapRate

    Makes me think of the CBRE “experiment” happening in the LA HQ. Really curious to see which pieces of human nature take over. Thanks for sharing Duke.

  • Dave Lewand

    so good.

  • bzises

    awesome video

  • hfklaw

    Duke. thanks for sharing this video. It is beyond good, it is a classic. Inspirational. By the way, I was at the CBRE office in LA on Tuesday. When you walk through the door, you feel good and want to work there. I will be posting some videos and commentary on my visit next week.

    • Would be great to see that LA Office, @hfklaw:disqus. I’m sitting in my downtown Chicago cube, wondering what everyone is talking about!

      • hfklaw

        Figure sometime during the week of Thanksgiving that I will have some video. We will also be doing a show there so we will have more. With that being said, it is something that you have to experience in person to get the true feel of it.

  • Nice Video.