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Rail Yard® Connect is a better way to find telecom services for your business. In marketing speak, Rail Yard® Connect is a web-based application for commercial building tenants to shop, compare, and order telecom services. We aggregate telecom services at competitive prices, eliminating the hassle of making multiple calls to different service providers, which can take days or weeks.

Changing the world by making it easy to find and order telecom.

Rail Yard is an incredibly simple and useful tool where businesses get competitive quotes from multiple service providers so they find the right services at the best price.

Solving a Big Problem

After facilitating negotiations between commercial building owners and telecom service providers, we knew that tenants needed a better way to find the right telecom services for their growing business needs. Technology spend in commercial buildings continues to grow, yet the process of researching and ordering telecom services is inefficient, costly, and frustrating.

This was the nexus of Rail Yard. Officially formed as Rail Yard, Inc. in early 2011, we architected an online marketplace to seamlessly connect commercial building tenants with the best technology services and information, delivering newfound value to our customers and partners.

Committed to our Customers and Partners

The Rail Yard team strives to provide a comprehensive platform for buyers and sellers of technology services while maintaining the highest level of accuracy, relevance and simplicity. We are proud of our extensive vendor partner relationships but we don’t play favorites. By providing a more transparent and efficient marketplace, we believe everyone benefits.

RailYard Concierge.



Duke Long


  • I honestly do not think that pricing really provides a client with the best carrier for their needs. There are several caveats to selecting the right vendor and services, a pricing portal is not going to provide expert insight that many businesses need.

  • @Total_telecom, Good points, thanks for bringing them up. Rail Yard has actually developed a Telecom Concierge vs a pricing portal and that means every tenant that fills out the Concierge gets a call and essentially free consulting from Rail Yard. Our many years of experience with Telecom and Commercial Real Estate allows us to easily deal with the complexities of the provider offerings so the tenant doesn’t have to.

    As far as commissions are concerned, providers typically pay two channels to bring in sales; one is direct, the other is indirect (RY) and they have started to figure out that the indirect channel is less expensive than their own sales force. This, in turn, let’s them be more flexible with us. We’ll always get the best price, but not only that, since we remain neutral, we’ll always find the best solution for the price.

  • As a former telecom/network services division administrator, this peaked my interest Duke. It appears to be a great “end user-friendly” tool. It’s like the gecko for telecom. Because it is paid for by the providers, why wouldn’t an end-user love this tool?!!? Kudos to Rail Yard

  • Nice and valuable blog tell us about RAIL YARD and how it is connected to telecom services. i like it. thanks for share it.