“Put the coffee down. COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS ONLY!”

“Put the coffee down. COFFEE IS FOR CLOSERS ONLY.”

So it’s 1992.

Do you remember that far back?

Were you just coming into your prime?

Not even born yet?

Ah, beautiful Twitter and YouTube. A reference and a search and Poof.

The brilliant seven minute speech by Alec Baldwin in Glen Gary Glen Ross


Now it’s 2013.

No way in hell could you get away with that kind of shit now in your office today. Right?

Do you think the fact that this environment really existed and completely scares the shit out of the sensitive caring young “professionals”  sitting in your office now make you smile?

Did he actually say “faggot” in english out loud and in public?

As a side personal note I love David Mamet and to be able to write like that! Shit!

How many members of the #CREJavaClub do you think can watch the video all the way thru? Too painful?

Is this still a part of you sales process? Maybe it’s not and that is the problem.

Tell me you haven’t thought of giving this speech at the office….and loving every fucking minute of it.

Tell me you have not also realised that it would have ended your carrer….but it is still one hell of a way to go.

Most (probably all) of us get up every day and have to “sell” something. Don’t think so…….really?

Is this all just a little ill-natured?

Come on Duke where are all the free Top 10 lists and the free links to productivity heaven?

Want a little help?

Tomorrow is Monday. Get off you ass and go do your job.


“It’s only words… unless they’re true.”
― David Mamet



Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/seanaes/464509459/


Duke Long

  • This post prompted me to re-watch this movie on Netflix. Pacino’s character is classic!

  • Rory Conley

    I follow your posts reguarly and was moved deeply by the post.

  • hfklaw


  • For the record, I’ve seen this so many times I can recite it – though I wouldn’t do it out loud and in public. Sign on the line that is dotted!

  • abuchanan

    “What’s my name.” F you, that’s my name! We played this clip at one of our office meetings. Epic! Love the coiff that Alec Baldwin rocks. Some big names in that movie. I agree with Coy, Al Pacino is amazing.

  • Aimee Goudas

    I remember watching this with a boyfriend, in college who wanted to be a trader. I remember thinking, “I NEVER want a job like this or to work with these people. What is wrong with you?” (I should have left then.) I was in school to be a teacher (and would later change majors because I didn’t like someone telling me what i could and couldn’t teach)
    Is this considered a success or failure on my part?!?

  • milesmaxwell

    I definitely

  • Benjamin Bach

    Tough love still has a place in the office.