Politics, Commercial Real Estate and Your Opinions About Both.

I guess I think, I am supposing that at this point in time some of you out there have calmed down a bit since November.

Now, just with that one statement above, I have almost already made my point.

Have you formed an opinion about my personal politics?

Do you think my suggesting that there was a need to calm down dropped me dead on the left and therefore that is the aisle in which I tend to lean? Or wait depending on how you interpreted that statement is it the right side of the aisle?

How about this from me a few months back. “Fuck Diversity. Let The White Boys Reign! Just off that headline alone, I have 200 Trump supporters wanting to hold my dick.”

Or this post I recently added into my newsletter and received several opinionated emails. The Best Broker Site In The World Is?

Why would I get emails about that post from August 2014?

It was a blind poll. There were numerous suggestions to start. It was then narrowed down to three (by blind vote), and then the voting culminated with a winner.

Guess who the winner was? In 2014. Trump.

I didn’t vote. It was blind and anonymous. The sites killed the next best competitor. Was I shocked? Not really.

But put that in a newsletter today, and it would seem that I am in some way endorsing that particular person.

For fairness and equality, Hillary did not have a commercial real estate site in 2014 or ever as far as I know for that matter. So, she was not in the running, even if she did have a site no one in commercial real estate suggested it for the competition.

I did mention that this was 2014 and I was doing a poll about commercial real estate websites to highlight what was out there?

Anyway. Is that the epitome of digression?

If you have any kind of consciousness or maybe not for that matter but at least some form of access to media you know that through an act of democracy there is a new POTUS.

And with that election came what I like to call a “ShitStorm” of certain proportions, again depending on which side of the isle you lean or in some cases ran like hell to make sure it still existed.

It was a moment that everyone had an opinion about.

And oh did they fly and with all kinds of defined emphasis.

The entire world formed an opinion and voiced it.

Did you? And why not? Is that not what America, these Great United States is based on?

Your right to voice your opinion and act on it?

Are you sure? Sure you’re sure.

It’s f*ckig America. ( I won’t spell out the actual word in a sentence that has the word America in it) How can you not?

Did you put that opinion out there for the world to see? Did you make sure you let the entire world know exactly where you stood?

It’s the American thing to do after all is it not?

Of course, it is!

Come on Duke.

“It’s America G*d Damm It! ( Boy, now there is a way to get some choice emails sent my way) What point are you trying to make?”

Do you think that by doing that you will or may have potentially eliminated half or close to half of your potential customers?

Let me ask you this. Is it ok for you to do it and be proud as hell about it but let’s say the CEO of CBRE, he can’t or shouldn’t?

Why not? For the record, I have no idea if he has or has not voiced his political opinions.

How about the Global CEO of JLL? I’m pretty sure he’s from Germany. Should he not voice his political opinions?

What not? I met the retired CEO of JLL Colin Dyer. Brilliant guy. The new CEO I am assuming is as equally brilliant so, he has no opinions or points of view worth listening to? At least not the political ones?

Now again for the record, I am not asking for or in any way suggesting that either of these people can, would should or need to voice their political opinions in any way at all ever.

But to the point, you can, would should and feel the need to voice them or what? Will you lose some sense of freedom or rights?

I’m not suggesting I know the answers to those questions.

I am suggesting and or questioning the need to do it and again loose business. As in real human customers because of your political beliefs.

Now, you know this and so do I. You have blocked unfollowed unliked and flat out deleted someone because you disagreed with their political point of view.

You say, “oh no I have not.”


Yes, you have! You won’t admit in public but you know you have.

So, you have eliminated a potential customer because of their political points of view.


You sure as hell scream as loud as you can at every chance you get to let the world know what you think!

And you are OK with that. You know that’s what’s going to happen. “Hell with them, good riddance.”

Shit, you don’t want to do business with them anyway.

But the CEO maybe your CEO not dare even speak a word? Why not? Not the right thing to do “for the company.”

Now before you think I am singling out specific brands on purpose, I AM NOT!

When I mention the ” we, us, they and them” in commercial real estate I’m including ALL the letters in the alphabet you could think of. I’ve seen it from all of them.

Also, before we even get there, if you have or had or quickly after reading this put “opinions are my own” in any one of your bios you know what that means?

I am “The Man’s BITCH” (sorry ladies, no other way to strongly emphasize and offend. Maybe there is I’m just not capable) that’s exactly what you are saying. Yes, my opinions are my own but I am such a small dicked human that I need to put a legal disclaimer in my bio in case THE MAN wants to get in my face or take away my ability to keep the lights on because in all the world’s reality I AM HIS BITCH, NO MATTER WHAT! And I want to at least think I’m NOT THE MAN’S BITCH!

(Wow, that felt good!)

You do however want the world in general to not only value your professional opinions you have based your entire career on it.

It’s what you market to the world and it’s how you position yourself to complete in the marketplace.

Your opinion of that market is the value you create. It’s the value you create for that precious client also. Correct?

I’m not in disagreement with you there. I 100% agree with you on that.

CRE is Data + Location + your opinion and understanding of both = $$$$$ and usually BIG $$$$$. Power to You!

It’s why we exist!

What if that potential customer forms a bias about your commercial real estate opinion?

What do you do?

Walk away? Try to convince them otherwise? Help them understand how you formed that opinion?  Tell them to Fuck off?

It’s business. It’s the commercial real estate business.

It’s the commercial real estate business that you love, cherish and have devoted your life to.

Think of the history of it all. Think of your personal history with it.

It’s all been worth it; you know that. I know that.

You’ve earned the right to have an opinion and a strong one at that.

But they, your customer may have a different point of view or possibly a bias.

That word bias. Small but mighty.

It certainly has the power to affect your business.

Be that bias right or wrong in your opinion.

It’s what your customer is basing their own opinion on.

Are you conflicted?

Maybe or maybe not. Some of that may come age and experience.

I know certain people of a certain age find that offensive just because they think their youth (or certain people’s perception of it) does not enable them to have a qualified opinion.

And they are right to be offended.

Let’s be honest, just because you are experienced and an old fucker does not exempt you from stupidity.

You may be able to mask it better and that is probably not helping anyone either.

Are you able to mask your bias beyond commercial real estate?

Is it only necessary when it does involve your business and not anywhere else?

What makes commercial real estate different?

Is it your want or need to make money and along with that also create some sense of self-worth?

Why is it allowed or tolerated by us we, them when you are representing yourself, your company, and the commercial real estate business in general to the entire world?

Is it not tolerated at all and are we us and maybe them just not personally or uniquely aware of it?

You have voiced your bias in the past and blatantly continue to do so.

You use it as a shield and as a weapon at the same time not only because of your percieved loss of freedom and or rights but your want or need to be an individual voice. A voice that can, should and will be heard.

Yet, when you step into your daily role as that person who is commercial real estate that bias is then what?


To what end?

And at what cost to you?

Or is it not and you willingly show your bias with a sense of entitlement and pride.


Politics, Commercial Real Estate and Your Opinions About Both.


















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