Podcast #201 Michael Griffin Founder CEO ClientLook.

Has commercial real estate brokerage as a service finally become a commodity?

If so what do you think is driving this change?

There are lots of brokers delivering a wide range of services with varying levels of quality and success. Is that a contributing factor and how can that be fixed?

For perspective how we got here, let’s roll back the clock, and talk about the “way it used to be” before there were any commercial real estate research services.

How did companies track information back then? What was “state of the art” when it came to database management?

OK, so eventually we start to see a flurry of third-party research services hit the market. What happened when those companies finally started to gain momentum?

There were a lot of initial objections to these new services, why?

Despite all the objections, third-party research data eventually flourishes and becomes of one of the core services used by just about every commercial real estate professional. How did that change the commercial real estate landscape, and was it for the better or worse?

Let’s flash-forward to today. Everybody is in the same boat fighting for the same opportunities with the same data provider. What’s the opportunity moving forward?

Michael Griffin


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