Podcast #197 Keith Pelatowski CEO One Spot.

Cretech always has a lot of new entrants, what is the attraction to this segment?

Property Management software and the solutions around it seems to be a crowded space, What problem are you solving that is different and new from other startups?

There are lots of WOs and accounting platforms in the market, why would a property management firm need a tool like One Spot if they have already invested in a traditional cmms or accounting tool? Do you plan to replace those solutions and if so how?

Every tech company I talk to complains about how tough it is to get their message out there. I heard about One Spot a ton at BOMA, and now on social media, What are some strategies that are working for One Spot?

We always hear that technology adoption is a persistent issue. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better. How are trying to solve the adoption problem?

I hear so much about creating a “user experience” from just about everyone I talk to. How do you define “user experience”, and how to communicate that approach to your clients/future clients?

Like every CEO, you’ve got to be making tough decisions all the time. What are some tough decisions you are tackling today? How do you think your focus is different than your competitors in terms of strategy?

What’s it like to work for One Spot? Are you hiring? If so, what’s the profile of a perfect candidate?

All this and so much more!

Keith Pelatowski

One Spot

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