Podcast #175 Abhinav Somani Global CEO Leverton.


AI as one of the hottest tech disrupting various industries around the world, real estate is no exception even though it has been generally perceived as slow in adoption of technology, why then is AI so significant?

What are the biggest advantages of AI and what is the most significant opportunity that AI brought to the real estate industry?

From spreadsheets to intelligent data extraction and management backed by insightful data, how has real estate transformed just over the last few years?

What do data extracted by deep learning technology mean for businesses and how can real estate business leverage data to increase performance, drive meaningful strategies and improve decision making?

How do AI algorithms help to streamline the lease abstraction process? And can AI spot more complex data points that are related to new lease accounting standards such as from FASB and IASB (IFRS)?

All this and so much more!

Abhinav Somani


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