Podcast #110 10 Hacks for #CRE #TECH #Start Ups That Will Get Completely Ignored.

Here are 10 things that you can do now to help push your #CRE #TECH company to the “next” level. Raw, Real and Unedited.

“Some help from an old school player: Let me help you with your main HUGE #Whiteboyproblem.”

“Go where the money is. It’s not in your back yard.”

“You have all the advantages in the world laying at your feet. #Whiteboy”

“Access to all the money and knowledge in the fucking world. #Whiteboy”

“Computers models case studies hacks and your bros. #Whiteboy”

“A country and system that literally makes billionaires out of nothing. #Whiteboy”

“So #Whiteboy what’s your fucking problem?”

  • Andrew Bermudez

    Get on Twitter!!! You’re not that fucking cool! hahahah

    I love your style man!