PIX. A Pavonis Company.


The Property Immersion Xperience (PIX) team brings together a unique combination of global property market experience with leading-edge gaming technology expertise.

This powerful combination allows Pavonis Group to help real estate professionals publish interactive 3D tours of existing or future real estate projects — buyers reach informed decisions more easily, deals close more quickly.


Duke Long


  • Interesting idea but is this going to another stand alone platform looking to add market information somewhere along the line? Also, gaming tech is ok but I believe the technology is available for live video as opposed to what appears to be animation. Should be interesting to watch as it develops.

  • Interactive 3D is an incredibly powerful medium. It contains every possible medium ever used in human communication and the ability to time travel into the past and future. Live streaming information can be embedded in the scenes and multi-player capability enables people around the world to collaborate with the content. It is hard ot imagine a more compelling way to discuss the value of a property if the price can remain within existing budget expectations