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Read on Mobile Defining The Commercial Real Estate Sharing Economy?


You must click on this site if just to see how well they tell their story.

It should be a template for all start ups.

I even Tweeted about the awesomeness of their Media Kit.

Please take the time to read this amazing story about……..their customer?

Watch how well they tell their own.

The Sharing Economy.

Of course they know how to promote and have a little fun.

What an amazing site

What an amazing company.

What an amazing team.

Pivot Desk. Defining The Commercial Real Estate Sharing Economy?


A special shout out to Alex Newmann.

Alex let the bromance begin 🙂

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  • CompStak

    Sounds like such a cool company and great team. We could have utilized their services when we went for our series A. I’m sure many more industries will start buying in in the future. Cheers to the sharing economy!

    • @compstak:disqus let us know if we can help you in the future with anything. Cheers to the sharing economy indeed!

      • CompStak

        Thanks! We just signed a new lease in NYC, so I think we’re good on the East Coast. But, we’ll keep you in mind for when we expand our WC team.
        Also, super cool idea you had for SXSW. Hope to see you there next year!