Paying it Forward. You are not paying any attention to these two guys are you?

Paying it Forward. You are not paying any attention to these two guys are you?

The Long History or Not!

Back in the 1950’s some guy named Albert Gore invented the internet. It was a good idea which took a little time to catch on but he hung in there and finally in the late 1990-2000’s took full credit for changing the world. Along about that time I noticed they had invented these things called computers ( which Gore also wanted to take credit for) with Apple stickers on them. They were great at calculating numbers and keeping phone numbers and addresses in one place. Around about 2004 some kid named Zukerburg was trying to find out who was “hot or not” at Harvard and got busted so he invented Facebook instead. There are more finite details to the development of the internet but these are the important parts so why take any more of your time.

Let’s Focus Shall We?

So sometime in 2007 this Twitter and Facebook thing got my attention and as I have stated before there was not ANY commercial real estate content at all so I paid attention to the resi people to get an idea of what was out there but resi content can only take a true commercial savant so far. So I laid back for a while and slowly but surely the commercial people started to pop up here and there. One in particular (look up at the pic ) surfaced. I know I know I’m taller skinnier prettier and have a smile that says “yes I know something you don’t” but let’s not focus on that now. It took almost five or more years and a few thousand miles but Coy Davidson and I finally met.

So What.

Yea, that’s what I said. No big deal really. Just two commercial real estate brokers in New York shooting the shit. Happens all the time.

So we met we talked we hung out. We decided that we indeed can be will be and are friends.

After all the years of online banter emails phone calls and posts it does take face to face and real life in person connection to decide…….

After the event we went out with some other fine commercial real estate people and………

A few thoughts.

I of all people know what amount of time and effort it takes to produce content consistently EVERYDAY!

Do it I dare you. Sit in front of a blank computer screen everyday and…..ready set go!

“He dead lifts Hummers” My quote.

I do not follow his twitter account.

I do not read every post he puts up. That not personal. That’s just me.

My status as a great wing man was in evidence once again.

More interested in teaching his son how to hit a knock down eight iron in that Texas wind. Coy, tell him it’s back in the stance same swing as a normal swing just keep the follow thru below the waist.

My first post ever in 2009 Coy made a comment.

Conversation with Coy and myself. Coy grabbing me by the shoulders either from affection or leverage to keep from falling off the bench at the bar. ” I really thought you were an asshole at first. But I really like you. When I started you were the guy that was already there.” Me holding us both up “Uh ,don’t give up on the asshole part just yet and I may have just been a little ahead of the curve. I intentionally hung back and tried to let more people get out there. It was only going to help us all. How many of my fucking lists are you on anyway?” Coy ” I just went for it. There was no one else out there and I saw an opportunity. The only reason I did it was to get more deals. Period.” ” Me too why the hell spend anytime on it at all? It’s about the money? All the other shit just came along with it.”

Not sure what “brands” we have created but maybe that’s for everyone reading this to decide.

Yes, Coy they were “spectacular.”

Fake #CRE Twitter accounts. Did I take credit for some… I did not.

Count the connections in out and around commercial real estate made since 09………online and off.

Top 10 lists this social media commercial real estate that………..interviews panels presentations.

Free food and booze……. because of ” influence”. ( Big Smile! )

With faces like that how many pics do we really need to take? Seriously!

We are not by any stretch in my mind the “leaders” of online #CRE. It’s everyone and everybody.

Who in the fuck has that kind of ego anyway?

I once asked about the size of the #CRE online community. Someone stated that there are maybe 20 worth paying attention to.

Did I not say that everyone and everybody is THE #CRE online community. Don’t think that is important to your business?

I have personally met a hell of a lot more than 20. Just because they don’t write and or drop F-bombs does not mean they have no value.

Two old #CRE dudes with kids about the same age trying to feed and keep shoes on their feet.

Walking down the steps of the bar late into the night we hit the street. Coy smiling a big Texas smiles says “good bye it was great finally meeting you”

“Same to you my friend, let’s try not to wait five years between meetings this next time.”

Paying It Forward. You are not paying any attention to these two guys are you?


Photo Credit: Tony Wilbert. The Wilbert Group.


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