OpenLease. Your Real Estate Portfolio Data In Real Time.

OpenLease. Your Real Estate Portfolio Data In Real Time.



OpenLease transforms your Real Estate portfolio into real time graphical information, presenting you with relevant data to assist when making key decisions within your organization.

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OpenLease offers the following options:

1. Sync with existing data.

2. Stand alone manual data entry.

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Executives, Brokers, Asset and Property Portfolio Managers are equipped with information to support the decisions they are faced with every day.
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Immediate decisions can be made while managing your Real Estate portfolio has become a critical factor in staying ahead of your competitors. The Open Lease system connects directly to your existing Property Management System to make this possible.
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Taking your lease management system to the cloud not only means secure access to your data at anytime from anywhere, it also means having a robust technological infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

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OpenLease. Your Real Estate Portfolio Data In Real Time.



Duke Long

  • Lowell Peabody

    This certainly seems to address the needs of owners and investors with portfolios of properties and brokers from different companies representing them. Puts all their brokers on the same system for reporting. Certainly provides the owner with a consolidated presentation of properties, upcoming availabilities and broker activity. Nice!

  • Garry

    Another good new software for the commercial real estate industry is Asset Dynamics ( This software is like Argus, but better. It is cloud based, the data is easily shared, and it is a great value. It should be readily adopted by the CRE community.