Open Letter To All Of The #CRE Conferences Out There. You Are Completely Missing One Crucial Point!

For better or worse I’m well known for blasting out my personal opinions about all things #CRE #Property and #Technology. I do now still and have in the past attended all types of conferences related to all of the above. With that, I’m more than qualified (because I said so) to make what I might call “suggestions” to all the organizers of these events. They may not like it but that’s not going to stop me.

Most all of us have attended good, great and just kind of “meh” conferences and the reasons for those “experiences” may vary greatly depending on the who’s whats and why’s of those attendees. Some if not most conferences niche themselves greatly because the more distinctive and focused the better the ability to provide what everyone wants from them and, that’s to be educated, informed, a little bit entertained and let’s be honest, fed well.

Small sidebar: A recent conference I attended in Nashville had it down to a science. A comment from one of the attendees on the stage was ” I would like to thank___________ for providing a two-hour offsite networking event at________ followed by an hour cocktail reception before the awards dinner.” Now, I’m not sure I got the words exactly but it was indeed a great way to interact and talk about all the things that brought them to the conference in the first place. I know it’s not exactly a new concept but the point was made, they all appreciated the ability to network just beyond sitting at a table all day and watching slides. People like to talk to like-minded people. It does not have to be that hard.  BTW the awards dinner was good, but the brownies were spectacular! ERIC!

Given that we all have some depth of experience within our industry and some of us are smart enough to attend the conferences of our customers and or potential customers how many things have we not seen? And when I ask that question I am just referring to the conferences themselves, not the “networking” events of some that we all hear about. (Wink) What is the one thing that has been to this point overlooked? Talent that’s what. What do I mean by talent? Fresh new and smart talent. “Just wait one second,” you say, “we have all kinds of talent in our industry.” Yes, but how is any possible new talent finding us? College recruiting, the son of a buddy that you went to school with? (Let’s be honest that about 95% of how all of the #CRE talent is found.) How about blind luck online with some kind of recruiter? Nah, we know how that works.

Here is my thought, there should be some kind of recruiting/job fair/talent thing/ at every #CRE event. Think about what that could do for every event. Think about who that might attract? Think about what the sponsors and or potential sponsors might think about an event with this included. It brings in an entirely new element and opportunities.

How would it work? Simple just make it one “track” or option for any and all. Make it a special price and of course filter/vet any and all to prevent any blatant scams and BS pitch fests. Who could you get on panels to attract those people? Who could you sell this to so that they could just not refuse? Just about everybody in #CRE. Or just everyone in #CRE looking for talent.

How about making sure this happens in smaller markets also? How about even more niched conferences, so that we can more clearly define the opportunities? Obviously, New York is known for being talent-rich because well, it’s New York. What about secondary markets where some people prefer to live like the above mentioned Nashville. Maybe this is a way to expose the industry itself beyond the glaring coasts. Not everyone is in the bubble we are, not everyone flys all over the world sucking up any and all the #CRE #PROP and #TECH they can, some just want to be where they want to be. What hidden gems are you missing by not exposing our/your business to the world at large?

We all, well most of us bitch about the “_________” of the industry

Where is the new blood? Where is the newer better blood and how do we find them and get them to buy in?

I say it’s our own fault we are where we are and it’s our own fault the industry looks like it does.

The talent pool is what now generally what? Diverse? No. Demographically diverse? NO!

I know there has been and will continue to be quality initiatives to address both of those issues along with many others.

Who is planning and recruiting for the next #CRE wave? You/us/we think the industry is flat out on it? Are you sure?

The environment where we all collect, connect, learn and network is, in my opinion, the best place to start.

So, This Is Open Letter To All Of The #CRE Conferences Out There.

You Are Completely Missing One Crucial Point and that is we need new and better talent.

It’s part of your job to make sure we get it or…we will find somebody or some better organizations who will!


+1 Want them to hear the real truth, put me on a panel, they reach out to me already. Why, because I do just that!




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